Западные СМИ сообщили, что Кайли Миноуг сыграла тайную свадьбу
The singer was the lawful wife of Joshua Sass.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sass

Photo: Splash News

According to the Australian Internet portal, Woman’s Day, pop star Kylie Minogue came in
marriage with boyfriend – actor Joshua Sass.

Reportedly, the wedding of Joshua and Kylie, which she
fellow Australians just love, took place on the Greek island
Sifnos. The wedding singer was strictly classified. Even guests
invited to the ceremony did not know that they are here for the wedding. In case
that Kylie sent out invitations for a slightly delayed celebration of his
48th birthday. And only when the guests reached the island, they were informed that
the case here is the wedding to be Kylie.

While Kylie has not officially confirmed the fact
of marriage, she hinted to his fans on his page in the social
network, that something really important happened. “It Was Just Magical!” such
review left singer. And her now-husband wrote to friends and fans: “Wish
me and Kylie all the best. We do not deserve!”

Joshua started Dating Kylie in September
2015 after he met her on the set of the TV series “Galavant”. And in February of this year
they announced their engagement, officially posting a message about this event in “Daily
Telegraph”. The Sass can boast of aristocratic origin. So, it
great-grandfather William berry had the title — Viscount Camrose, and his grandfather was a Baron. And although
Joshua by as much as 20 years younger than Kylie, this does not prevent their happiness,
according to the singer. “Though perhaps it is not just understand, in fact I’m sure that I found exactly the “right” man I should be!” — said Minogue.

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