Пошел и кеды купил: советская обувь снова в тренде

Remember those father’s sneakers, which he still keeps and says she never had? Great news: they are back in fashion. You can safely vytsyganit their parents and to wear with skirts. But if the Pope is greedy, just promise to buy him a new one. And, we said the main thing? Sneakers “Two ball” again began to produce and sell!

In the USSR, these sneakers were not afraid of this expression, must have. They went to do sport, dancing girls and listening to Tsoi. Yes there is Sam Choi wore those shoes. And with it all the fashion contemporaries: Syroezhkin of “electronics”, Wolf from “Nu pogodi!”. It’s them instead of boots bought in winter Ball in the Buttermilk. Feel scope?

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New old sneakers promise to do the same technology as before. And even there, where before, in China. Yeah, yeah, I made this megapopular shoes in China. Now the factory started production, is also in this country. Russian predstavitelstvo assured that you are using exactly the same technology and even equipment, as 50 years ago.

What, other than appearance, which is nostalgia, “Two swords” are different from modern shoes? First, the sole – it’s made of molten rubber, and then fastened to the entire model, not the insole. Therefore, you can choose any of the insole up to orthopedic. Secondly, there is a special, durable upper material, through which the father’s shoes and lived to the present day.

Actually, let’s be honest, a lot of the this Shoe. Like, rubber sole not a good idea in terms of foot health. And in sports, the foot is not fixed as in modern sports models. But let’s be honest – now these shoes are not about comfort and health. They are about the fashion for “back in the USSR”. By the way, the manufacturers claim that the only thing they replaced is the insole. Just improve them using new technology. Now tabs are orthopedic and comfortable.

The price of nostalgia, by the way, is comparable to the cost of any other fashion sneakers. A pair of classics will cost you 4600 rubles. “And when I’ve got 4 of the ruble,” – on hearing this, sighed dad. And sneakers of their stocks have not given me.

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