Венди Уильямс осуждает Мадонну: «Мне стыдно за нее»

Венди Уильямс осуждает Мадонну: «Мне стыдно за нее»

Wendy Williams doesn’t think Madonna understands what “aging gracefully”. Especially after 61-year-old singer was photographed behaving quite relaxed with his 25-year-old dancer in Miami December 13th!

Wendy Williams, being a woman who gets likes to talk about someone’s personal life and be sure to comment, said that Madonna is not worried about the rumors that tell of her affair with a 25-year Olamilekan Williams. 61-year-old singer was spotted when she rather immodestly communicated with his dancer during a vacation in Miami, where she is resting with her daughter Lourdes Leon Ciccone, 23. Wendy believes that such behavior is Madonna simply cannot afford to because her new boyfriend, Williams and her daughter Lourdes have an age difference of just a few years.

Венди Уильямс осуждает Мадонну: «Мне стыдно за нее»
“He’s a few years older than her daughter Lourdes, and could pass for a groom for her. They all rest in a single cottage, and there the old grandmother fell to 25-year-old child,” said Wendy during the “Hot topics” on his show on December 16. “That’s what I feel about these things when I’m out in public and see the looks from the young guys. I don’t think it’s noma, is likely a rare exception to the rule. And I wouldn’t have to drag the boy one night in your house,” she said.
“You know, it was that elderly lady, for which I am ashamed,” admitted Wendy, explaining: “Sometimes I think she just doesn’t understand what normal aging with grace. If 26-year-old girl is lucky, she will live in ‘ 61, like you, Madonna. Everything is fine!”

Although the host of the talk show did not approve of the rumors about Madonna, she admitted that she “looks great in his 61”. She even commented on the new photos taken on the balcony of a luxury hotel. “Madonna as always looks great!” wrote Wendy.
Madonna and Williams were photographed in an intimate setting where he put his arm around her waist when they both looked at Miami. Then there were pictures where he was hugging her shoulders and nick young handsome without a shirt.
It is unclear what connects Madonna and her spare dancer. So far, the star hasn’t made an official statement, but on the photo it was evident that she clearly sympathized with this young man.

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