Венцеслав Венгржановский стал трэвел-блогером Eks-the participant “Houses-2” went out to explore Dimitrovgrad. Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky plans to continue to record videos about their journey through the cities of Russia and the world.

Fans of “House-2” still nostalgically recall the days when the project involved Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky. Perhaps, an extravagant man is too often caught in absurd situations, but his adventures was always interesting to watch.

After leaving the “House-2” the scandalous party long thought, what he should do. In the end, 37-year-old Wenceslas has made an unexpected choice — it is now a travel blogger!

The star of “House-2” have already filmed the episode of its show titled “Venskie trails”. For the first program Vengrzhanovskiy chose the city of Dimitrovgrad attractions which he examined for a few days.

“Hello, my name is Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky. I love to travel and I really love the sights. That’s why today I came from Moscow to Dimitrovgrad,” said the man in the beginning of the video.

I must say, that the next creative experiment impressed not all fans of the newly minted travel blogger. Some of his fans would infer that Venceslava it is not necessary to stick to what he does not understand. However, there were those who supported the venture star.

He Vengrzhanovskiy is clearly not going to stop there. So fans of eccentric men still expect a lot of sketches from different corners of the world from the perspective of a travel blogger.

By the way, surprised many and appearance Wegrzanowski. The fact that Wenceslas unexpectedly short hair cut. For the first time with a haircut, he appeared in a recent issue of “House-2”.

This was the first public appearance of Wenceslaus for many months. The unexpected return of the ex-member of the project has generated incredible enthusiasm among his fans. This is not surprising, after all, about the personal lives of the men had a variety of rumors. Someone claimed that he is happy in the relationship, and someone said that the star of the project escaped from a psychiatric clinic and now is wanted.

After a triumphant appearance in the “Analysis of the week” there were rumors that the kicker can remain on the project. However, the Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky did not comment on such news. Especially now he has a new hobby, which is under a positive scenario, can bring the star considerable dividends.