Well-known producer Buzova saved from the terrible disease

Известный продюсер спас Бузову от ужасного недуга
Olga admitted that so bad she never felt

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday Olga Buzova, arriving at the office, sharply
I felt really bad. The singer
was running high fever. Doctors
define such as “more than low grade
values”, that is above 38 degrees. Through
stories in Instagram star turned
to your friends with a request to bring her
medications as she is unable
had to do it.

One of the few who
responded and arrived was Aram Archer
well-known producer who specializiruetsya
on the promotion of young performers,
including Olga. He brought her medication
gifts and tangerines, which she
asked. And yet it was not, Buzova
talked about that with her now
are the most loyal friends, having
because of their dogs. The worst that
the stars will not be able to lie down with a virus
just a few hours she
will fly to Dubai.

don’t like to complain and never do
don’t ask, I used to be strong and
independent, because it happened
circumstances, wrote in His
microblog, recovering himself. But so
it turned out that my body has failed,
the immune system is weakened so much that
I can say so bad I was not
never… All at once! Colds, fever,
the weakness to speak very painful, high
temperature, my whole body hurts. Even on
heart heavy somehow. I want to say
a huge thank you to Tom small
the number of my relatives and friends who
responded to my such a rush help,
and were ready to break for drugs
any second, someone even from the airport…
Let you have one (again
I was convinced ), but thank you for Your love,
for the support… once again realize that
real friends are the ones who in sorrow
in joy there… take care of yourself, the most important thing in life is health!”