Ну и папа! Шнуров учит дочь и сына пить и курить

St. Petersburg musician has published provocative in Instagram pictures, which is abusing alcohol and tobacco with their children.

Sergey Shnurov recently surprised fans by turning into a white Mimino kitty once again took up the old.

On Friday night, the musician has published on his page in Instagram truly shocking footage. In the first photo Sergey together with his eldest daughter Serafima and son from his second marriage to Apollo smokes in a dirty utility room, tiled in white colour. The cigarette sticking from his mouth, and his children holding a Smoking cigarette in his hand. And, at least in the photo is not delayed.

In the caption to the picture Sergei is specially noted that it is his children – a daughter Serafima 23 years old and the son of Apollo 16. That is, guys are pretty adult, but the impression is, of course, strong. Besides cigarettes in the Russian shops sell only 18 years of age.

And it is clear that not every father allows the children to smoke in his presence, and few people will put this kind of footage for everyone to see.

However, Sergei went on and two hours later “pleased” the public is another picture, which Seraphim and Apollo eat with daddy burgers and drank dark Beers. Fortunately, it happens in some restaurant. That is criminal in the sight of the back of the family Shnurovym exactly left.

This photo of Sergey signed quite provocative: “Beer for my children possible, but only on Fridays, and other days are strictly vodka.”

Parental rights for such tricks Sergei will not deprive – it’s late, son and daughter grew up. And in this, the third marriage with restaurateur Matilda – Sergei while nobody was born.

By the way fans wished Shnurova not to stop and “have”, and someone compared the son of Sergei c Harry Potter on the grounds that Apollo, as a popular hero by J. K. Rowling, wears round glasses.

Interestingly, earlier Sergey never published a photo with his son. And the daughter was dedicated in Instagram a very ironic poem, in which “walked” on journalists who reported on the alleged held the wedding of a Seraphim.

Recall that his daughter successfully graduated from the Institute of philosophy Saint-Petersburg state University, where he studied the philosophy and culture of the East. But Seraphim is working as a graphic designer. But the son of a musician, which he named in honor of nineteenth century poet Apollon Grigoriev, has not yet decided on a profession: the young man recently received a high school diploma in one of the Petersburg schools.

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