«Добро пожаловать в семью»: у Костенко и Тарасова появилась очаровательная малышка
Model photo “melted” the hearts of the subscribers.

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram Anastasia Kostenko

Anastasia Kostenko has published the most touching pictures in the history of its microblog. In the Wake of pregnancy rumors, the model showed a new family member. No, Dmitry Tarasov and his wife not yet born baby, but a common pet. Footballer’s wife said that their house settled Labrador puppy named Tara.

“Welcome to the family!” commented on the addition of Kostenko. Adorable puppy have melted the hearts of even the most evil of the haters Anastasia. The model is congratulated with the completion and praised for the correct choice of breed of pet. It is known that Labradors are perfect for families with young children, which is important for the couple, given the rumors about the “interesting position of” wife of the player of “Locomotive”.

Meanwhile, recently in a Network there was another indirect confirmation of pregnancy Kostenko. Anastasia shared with subscribers of the story about the convenience of permanent makeup, which is actually not recommended to girls in the state. Commentators protested: “Pregnant women can’t… what is she thinking?” What the staff beauty, which was the model reassured subscribers, they say, all good: Anastasia did permanent makeup, but only adjusted the shape of the eyebrows, even more heated thereby rumors about the imminent addition to the family of the athlete.

By the way, recently in social networks discussed the possible betrayal of Dmitri. Victoria Bonia recently announced that Anastasia must prepare “for the worst” and wait for the new “spree” of her husband. Many assumed that Kostenko will react to the rumors, but she ignored the advice from TV stars, as well as numerous publications in the media.