Вайнштейн заявил, что предлагал актрисам роли в обмен на секс!
The producer partially admitted his guilt

Harvey Weinstein


In Hollywood with new force scandal erupted around Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of
rape and sexual harassment. The fact that it was
published interview that powerful in the past, the producer gave the reporter
edition of the Spectator.
In this interview, Harvey allowed himself a very Frank statements.

“I was born in a poor family, and I’m ugly. My whole life
was a hard fight, otherwise I would not have made. No girl
wanted even look at me until I became a “big man” in Hollywood.
Yes, I offered them roles in exchange for sex. So what? Did that earlier and others
and continue to do so now. But I’ve never been forced to have sex no one
woman!” said Weinstein, who previously strongly denied all the charges
charges against him.

However, when this interview was published, attorney Harvey, Ben Brafman stood up for his client. He stated that he was present at the meeting of his client with the journalist, but didn’t hear Weinstein say anything like that. Ben directly
accused the interviewer Has Theodoracopoulos, permanent
the leading column in the Spectator, a lie. Then
the reporter was subjected to pressure from the legal team
Weinstein, chose to apologize.

“I’m sorry, but maybe I misinterpreted
the words Harvey. Perhaps it was my fault…” said Theodorakopoulos. The
the strange thing about this story is that the Same — an old friend of Weinstein. So maybe
publishing his interview, he wanted not to hurt, but to help Harvey. After all, the most
the dangerous item of the accusations against Weinstein court, are
rape, for which the producer could
to obtain a life sentence. And talk about “voluntary” sex in exchange for roles
could divert attention from the most serious of the charges against Harvey. However
reaction to the interview was not the same as expected Same: they all thought
Weinstein began gradually to admit to the crime…