Weight of Angelina Jolie reached a critical point

Вес Анджелины Джоли достиг критической отметки The actress has slimmed down to 34 pounds. Fans of the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is very concerned about the state of her health. After her divorce from brad pitt woman much emaciated.

      The public spoke again about the painful thinness of American actress Angelina Jolie. The last time the appearance of women is often a subject of discussion. Now, however, fans of sounding the alarm. According to media reports, Hollywood beauty weighs just 34 pounds with the growth of 169 centimeters. Fans concerned about the rapid weight loss known artist.

      “Her hands were so bony that they look like toothpicks! Her weight plummeted,” – said the source of foreign publications.

      After divorce with brad pitt, as Angelina Jolie began to cause concern among fans. The woman appeared bad habits – she was addicted to cigarettes. “She eats almost nothing, but only Smoking a cigarette one after another, – reported in the press. – She can smoke two packs of cigarettes per day”.

      September 19, literally the whole world, and especially fans of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, was impressed with the information on divorce of the couple. Many had hoped that the couple will reconcile soon and be able to save the marriage. But then began hearings in which the judges determine who will remain the couple’s six children.

      The court ruled that the heirs will live with the mother and father will be able to see them as “therapeutic visits.” Apparently, the children suffer from the fact that their beloved parents are divorced.

      “Shiloh begged brad and Angie to reunite a few weeks. Then she sent them both an emotional letter asking to spend thanksgiving together, which gave to understand that same desire and the other children. In the end, Angie called brad and invited him to a family dinner. It was a Frank and honest conversation. Pitt thanked her for the invitation, Angie said it will be good for everyone,” – said the foreign media.

      All this could not affect the health of the former spouses. According to the publication RadarOnline.com brad pitt also lost weight, he loses weight but not as rapidly as his ex-wife.