Плач Криштиану: Роналду разрыдался на футбольном поле

Yesterday’s match will certainly go down in history. Portugal first won the European championship, and the captain could not hold back tears.

Portugal won the masters tournament, the French team with the score 1:0 and became the champion of Europe. But the triumph was preceded by a lot of drama.

This match can be compared to that of a Hollywood blockbuster. Such intrigue and moments on the field was not long ago. The “Golden” boy, the best player in the history of Portuguese football, one of the most expensive players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo with a sinking heart watched the whole world.

When at the beginning of the final tournament, the player of France Dimitri Payet faced Ronaldo and Cristiano fell down in pain, clutching his knee, the audience on all the planet grabbed his head… the Captain screamed from his eyes rained down tears, he lay down on the field. The camera managed to capture a truly historic shot: Ronaldo is crying, and at that moment on the face of the outstanding football player sits a butterfly if it flew to regret.

Cristiano was immediately surrounded by teammates rushed doctors. The brave captain decided to continue playing, despite the pain, but on 25 minutes, realized that more can not fight, and asked for a replacement.

Many fans thought then that it’s over, because Ronaldo is the hope of the national team, without him they fail. But Portugal had avenged their captain and scored France’s decisive goal, becoming the first European champion.

Cristiano tears were not shed in vain!

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