Выходные Владимира Путина накануне Дня рождения

Выходные Владимира Путина накануне Дня рождения

Today, October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin 67 years old. Eve, the politician decided to give a quiet and peaceful weekend in a natural setting, in the forest.

In the Siberian taiga, the leader of the country he went not alone, as his colleague and friend, Minister of defense Sergei Shoigu. Politicians spent time alone, enjoying the beauty of nature. Of course, they were accompanied by photographers from the Kremlin which captures the whole journey. Online experts have published pictures on the official website of the Kremlin.

Putin and Shoigu actively spent time at an altitude of over 2000 meters. Together they photographed the beautiful views of their country, gathered mushrooms and berries. Each of them brought to the town “gifts” from nature. Mr Putin chose for himself a beautiful and huge bump, but Shoigu dug a small Bush cranberries, which will now decorate the cottage of the Minister.

For Vladimir Putin to leave on the eve of his birthday is a great tradition. He likes a couple of days before holiday to be with myself and enjoy the beauty of the far corners of Russia. Last year in the same company, Vladimir Putin visited the Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve.

A small but interesting journey in Siberia passed quickly enough. Last night, October 6, the leader of the country have returned home. Today it is a celebration, however, 67 years, Putin decided to celebrate modestly, in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. In turn, we wish the President the strength and wisdom, let his every decision will be easy and successful.

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