Wedding soon: Kira Plastinina became skinny

Скоро свадьба: Кира Пластинина стала худышкой

To celebrate their success in the struggle for harmony, and at the same time to say goodbye to bachelor life, the girl threw a wild bachelorette party.

To live the life of Kira Plastinina only some seven or eight years ago was the dream of every Russian teenage girls. Of course! How should be lucky to one day Papa decided to give you a birthday not a young designer or the money for a new dress, and the whole company in which you’re lead designer. Draw sketches, and dozens of adults then sew them dresses and go to the store. 120 boutiques in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan are of your name. Your clothes go supermodel Georgia may Jagger, and… heir to the family business – the world’s largest chain of hotels, Paris Hilton!..

Presentations and screenings, an interview with the world’s largest publications and the love of millions. It’s a pity that a few years later, apparently after playing in couturier, Kira leaves bankrupted the company at numerous assistants, and she is leaving for permanent residence in the United States.

There would be a fairy tale ending, but only if the tale is not about the Kira Plastinina. After leaving America the girl says almost nothing about his personal life, but judging from the few shots in Instagram, all of it is good. Recently she announced her forthcoming wedding (celebration, by the way, to be held in October 2016. – Approx. ed.), and then began to talk about how she’s preparing for the Grand event.

About a month ago she began to lose weight.

“Begin the process of preparing for the wedding with cleansing using fresh fruit juices. Stay tuned for my first experience cleansing juices” – said Kira.

The result of this diet was not long in coming. Judging by the latest photos and videos to microblogging, the girl dropped not one kilogram, than she is extremely happy.

By the way, to mark the final stages of preparing for the wedding, and at the same time to say bye to bachelorhood, Kira rolled her luxurious bachelorette party. All the friends on the occasion wore the same pink pajamas and even prepared for the bride a dance that is danced by the pool, where he held the main part of the party.

Video posted by Kira Plastinina (@kiraplastinina) Oct 23 2016 1:36 PDT

Needless to say that the hero of the occasion a party was satisfied.

“The best bachelorette party”, signed laid out in Instagram video Cyrus.

Now, many fans of the star girls are waiting for the main event of her life. It is a pity only that about the groom is almost unknown. Only one name is chosen the daughter of the businessman Sergey Plaksin’s name is Trey.