Wedding Sasha Evgeny Artemov and Cousin. PHOTO. VIDEO

Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО Today, 24 November, the couple invited guests for the occasion. Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin was looking forward to a celebration with the closest people to celebrate the happy event.
Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО

Former members of “House-2” Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin called relatives and closest friends to the wedding. The official registration of marriage took place two days ago. In the registry office she went Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin married

In the beginning of the year your aunt and cousin won the competition “Wedding in a million”, which was part of the reality show “Dom-2”. Now they have spent a considerable sum of money to organize a dream holiday. For the celebration of Sasha and Eugene chose the restaurant, which is located in one of the elite cottage villages near Moscow.

Sasha chose for the big day white fluffy dress with the original skirt. The bride’s head was adorned with a delicate veil of thin lace. Eugene appeared at the festival in a three-piece suit and a hat in the shape of a cylinder.

At the celebration one of the first came Rustam Solntsev. Showman congratulated Zhenya and Sasha, and wished them a happy family life. In the microblog Rustam appeared the video, which can be considered a wedding dress Artemov.

Then came the parents of Eugene Cousin and her son Mitya, from his first marriage. Ex-wife Rita Agibalova congratulated Zhenya and wished him happiness in his day of painting with Sasha.

“For me it is important that the child came at such a meaningful event for me, this is my son” – said Kuzin “StarHit”.

All tables are decorated with beautiful orchids. At the wedding there are many colleagues of guys on the telestroke. One of the first guests was Victoria romanet, came to the festival with Anton Gusev.

Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО

For the evening Sasha managed to change several outfits. As said the bride, they had to quickly resolve the issue with the holiday

“I want his mother to ask forgiveness, we are in the month created the celebration. Excuse me, because I said some words, I love you very much”, – said Sasha and cried.

Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО“The wedding came 62 people, I chose the guests for the first 9 years of residence in Moscow, many are left in my mind memories. I’m glad you all came today. Came into my life and you, my Queen. Everything here is for you and for you,” – said Kuzin.
Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО

Rustam Solntsev congratulated the couple and said that Sasha and Zhenya are very much going to this wedding.

“I am happy to lead this celebration. Not to break anything. The most important here – it’s them”, – said the showman in an interview with “StarHit”.
Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО

According to Anton Gusev, Sasha Artemov and Evgeny Kuzin – lovely couple. “Congratulations to the newlyweds! Most importantly, you guys enjoy each other, it shows. I wish the lads they had a family home so they grew and developed, created everything for your family and your future! I wish that was surrounded by those who are strong friends who will not betray. It is important to appreciate what you have today, be happy now and appreciate every moment with the person you love,” he said.

Victoria romanet joined the warm words of her husband.

“Alexandra, I wish the women’s happiness. Everything is in the hands of Eugene. A man makes his woman happy. Let the smile never left her face. My life after marriage has not changed. The most important thing – love, marriage is a formality. Give each other love, happiness and positive emotions!” – said the brunette.
Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО

Daria Pynzar also congratulated the couple on this important event. “Dear Sasha and Zhenya! Wishing you children, happiness, love and understanding. Actually, I believe that we all have different relationships, there is no perfect recipe for happiness. You need to learn understanding, to feel and understand another,” appealed to lovers TV presenter.

Nelly Ermolaeva said that for a long time knows Eugene’s Cousin. “We have always supported each other in difficult times, rejoicing in happy days. Eugene is a lone wolf, he is comfortable, you will find friends in any city. Happy birthday family!” she said.

Stepan Menshikov said that he was honored to attend the wedding of a Cousin, and Artemov.

“Warmest congratulations. I am very pleased to be in the company of such wonderful people, where you felt genuine feelings. I wish them to carry them through life, to have a strong family and many children. I love them very much” – he turned to the newlyweds.
Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО

Свадьба Саши Артемовой и Евгения Кузина. ФОТО. ВИДЕО