Свадьбы не будет: Мэрайю Кэри бросил ее бойфренд-миллиардер
The singer failed to keep the groom.

Свадьбы не будет: Мэрайю Кэри бросил ее бойфренд-миллиардер

Photo: mariahcarey(Mariah Carey INSTAGRAM)

Mariah Carey,
so I wanted a wedding with James
Packer, not destined to become a bride, at least, in the foreseeable
future. As reported by the Australian edition
Woman’s Day,
Packer decided to leave Cary.

As for
the reasons of rupture of relations, as told one of the friends of James last
the straw that broke the patience of the Packer,
was planned by Mariah, the reality show in which he, according to her plan,
had to take part. He tried to dissuade her from this venture, explaining
I don’t want his personal life was on display.
And hinted that otherwise, their relationship might come to an end. However
Cary ignored his warning. Moreover, it continued in full
to advertise your show…

However, even
this is the history of relations 46-year-old Mariah with the Packer began to deteriorate. James absolutely
didn’t like the fact that Cary the last time was so absorbed with his career,
what absolutely ceased to pay attention to him. Besides, she, being
what Packer it is not going anywhere, lost all caution. Cary
beginning to show their headstrong nature and the speed of spending money
her fiance, even patient Packer failed…

The Solution James
about the breakup with Mariah put an end to their affair, which lasted just
more than a year. They were first spotted together in July last year, when they made
cruise on his yacht. And in January of this year
they announced their engagement. Moreover, Packer gave the singer for the occasion ring
the biggest diamond in Hollywood, valued at $ 7.5 million.

Mariah Carey with James Packer