Свадебным платьем Пиппы Миддлтон займется дизайнер платья принцессы Дианы

Younger sister Kate Middleton Pippa Prince not inherited, nevertheless it does not prevent her to organise a Royal wedding

The benefit of Pippa’s fiancé is a millionaire, so she can afford everything and even more.

The engagement of Pippa and James Matthews took place in early July. Preparing for the future celebration began almost in the same moment.

At the moment, Middleton is concerned the most important for any bride issue wedding dress.

What will be the outfit in which she will go to the altar girl does not know, but she’s already decided on the designer to help her decide.

The name of the designer known to many. David Emanuel – the same master who was the author of the wedding dress of Princess Diana.

It is difficult to imagine what will be the cost of the dress from such a master.

While Pippa is happy that her older sister angry. At the court already rumors that Pippa is trying to make talking about it more than the Royal family.

Not satisfied with Kate even the groom’s younger sister. She believes that these two have nothing in common, because even the presence of the Duchess Catherine at the wedding – the issue is not resolved.


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