Wear what you have: Bledans justified for non-ideal Boobs

Ношу, что имею: Бледанс оправдалась за неидеальную грудь

47-year-old singer admitted that against silicone.

Even with a sufficient amount of money many stars are speaking out against surgery. One over against the inflated lips, others urge the public not to stab the forehead Botox, and there are those who even their “imperfect” figure happy.

Here and Evelina Bledans decided to encourage his fans to adequate attitude to their beauty.

Video published Evelina Bledans (@bledans) APR 2016 6 in 4:18 PDT

In his Instagram singer has posted a video where she was wearing bikini performs well-known song, Mitya Fomin. But not a swimsuit, not a song and not even playing in the background of Sam, son of the star, has not attracted the attention of the public. All eyes looked upon the bust of Evelyn.

Criticism and tactless comments showered on 47-year-old mother of two children. “You have beautiful Breasts or to make or not to show it,” expressed the opinion followers.

“My lovely, let us digress from the discussion of my imperfect Breasts, vykhrivka two patsanchika. I have said many times that against the silicone, and wear what you have. And two strong guys on breastfeeding for me is much more important. And I think #sastrawinata will be much more than #supragold. Although… Someone maybe lucky with that, and with this,” said Bledans in a new post under the photo of their sons.

It should be noted that in 47 years, Evelyn looks great: trim figure, long beautiful hair, smooth skin and a constant smile. Don’t you look happy women?

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