We will succeed!

У нас все получится! That Sergey Lazarev will take the first place on “Evrovidenii”, I have no doubt. Philip said that with it the artist will win, but if he promised something, be sure will keep his word.

      У нас все получится!

      No matter how developed, a number of our Serezha Lazarev will remain the most technically challenging and spectacular in the entire history of music contest. Fly, spin and sing at the same time under force only participant from Russia. And the words of “my only You” (You are the only one) – “we will succeed, and we reach to the stars!” – will be heard on many radio stations of Europe. Personally, I’m in first place Sergey have no doubt.

      Because on may 1, when the author of the music composition Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov celebrated his birthday and departure to Sweden, the guests congratulated each other with Easter. “Pray for me, and I will definitely come back to us with “Eurovision”, said Philip gladly. “Haven’t you already promised such a present for me?” – raising her eyebrows, asked Alla Pugacheva.

      All fell silent, and I know that if Philip promised to do, the word will keep. So see you at the “Eurovision-2017” in Sochi.

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