Since from Vera Brezhneva a phrase was heard about her new album, where she briefly voiced the fact of the collapse of her marriage with Konstantin Meladze (the phrase sounded like: “War, divorce, transformation, gratitude, music and voice… All this is in my first mini-album in Ukrainian “ Dyakuyu.” Listen with your heart”), – the artist did not talk about divorce anymore. “We were so happy”: Vera Brezhneva spoke bitterly about the divorce.” /> But not so long ago, in one of her interviews, she admitted: “It was as if everything had collapsed, my whole past life had collapsed, even myself. But every day “, going through various difficulties, I understand that I am becoming stronger. And there is even more truth and truth in this. It is very scary to go into the unknown, it is very scary to let go of your past. We were so happy, but now it feels like a completely different life, and it's time to start all over again. Every morning we start all over again and choose our path. Who we will become tomorrow is up to us to choose.” : Vera Brezhneva spoke with bitterness about the divorce.” br>

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