“We need to somehow atone for sins”: the rules of life of Mikhail Zadornov

«Надо как-то замаливать грехи»: правила жизни Михаила Задорнова The actor died on Friday morning. He was not just a famous comedian, who was discovered young talents, but also a philosopher. Zadornov tried to help seriously ill people, as well as
«Надо как-то замаливать грехи»: правила жизни Михаила Задорнова

Today died satirist Mikhail Zadornov. As reported by journalists, the comedian died on 70-m to year of life. According to some recent months, Mikhail Nikolaevich held in a closed sanatorium in the Moscow region, undergoing treatment for cancer. “StarHit” collected rules of life of the artist.

“In recent years I began to devote time to good works, because I have quite a few years, and life is lived in different ways, so the sins you have to atone for! Not words but deeds. My money was taken and delivered the monument to Arina Rodionovna, the nanny of Pushkin. One near St. Petersburg, in the village of Voskresenskoye, Gatchina district, the other in Boldino. In Riga with my friends opened a public library, the money is there for the most part mine is already spent 250 thousand euros. My money released 12 different interesting books, including young authors. Please help to give money to a Church, children in the operation”, – told the artist.

The main thing for him has always been the fans. The comedian had always been honest and open conversation with the audience.

“Never cheated on their viewers – they always spoke honestly. Why lie why tear in front of them a membership card as did Posner, Zakharov? I have a party card was not, I didn’t need to urgently change the world. My worldview is not dependent on voters and from the audience, and I’m not betrayed,” recalls Zadornov.

Separate column in the biography Zadornov go to his birthdays. It is well known that the satirist didn’t love the holiday, preferred to stay in this one. But some times still have changed myself and came to the concert in St. Petersburg. As the correspondent of “StarHit” asked Mikhail why he doesn’t like the holiday.

“I don’t like to get guests on your birthday. Over time, I somehow began to relate to this day. I think that the birthday is a kind of a day energy. This is the best day to gather, to prepare for my next year, to gather their energies together, to think. Best works I have written just in time for birthdays when I was not distracted and did not stop to think” – said Zadornov.
«Надо как-то замаливать грехи»: правила жизни Михаила Задорнова

Even friends are desperate to congratulate the comedian.

“Close already know that on July 21, Zadornov will be outside the access area. For example, Maxim Galkin once admitted that he stopped trying to wish me a happy birthday. But Lyon Izmailov is still trying to make it, as great importance attaches to the birthday. Always offended that he failed to congratulate me, saying that it’s my fault!”, joked satirist.

One of the main discoveries Zadornov became Maxim Galkin, who first became a member of his satirical program “Receiver” in the late 90-ies.

“With Maxim Galkin we communicate for a long time, since the transmission when he took part in my concerts. Now he is a big star and a famous actor, and then, twenty years ago, gave hope. Somehow I forgot about his birthday, call him a few days later and say: “Maxim, you know, what you got was great! People celebrated on the shore of the lake, and to reach the shore and to the tables, standing on the shore, they had to wear aqualungs and swim across that lake! We have our entire family zadarnowski congratulations to you, and know that despite the fact that we were not on your day, we would have loved you even if you hadn’t become a star because you’re a native person from his youth”” – said Zadornov.

«Надо как-то замаливать грехи»: правила жизни Михаила Задорнова

Mikhail was a star on a national scale, although rarely flashed on the newfangled TV show. But at the time, he quickly mastered the Internet and spent a lot of time there.

“I’m on TV talk shows do not go. Called “Prozhektorperiskhilton” several times, I love those guys, but the format is not satisfied – they kill all, although a hundred times a day they call and say: “Expensive gasoline, you can’t take part in the program devoted to this problem?” Recently proposed to be the lead in a program about Soviet things, then someone asked me how I feel about the fact that he sold some sort of fake diapers. Try to keep up with the times, mastered the computer, YouTube, modern social networks, but mobile phone do not like. Once in the birthday, I turned it off, and I liked it so much that I began to disable it. By the way, when I ask for a room, with pleasure give out, because it is still not answered,” joked satirist.

In his later years, Zadornov looked great. He was on “you” with sports, but once admitted that the secret of his physical form is different.

“I often hear from friends and acquaintances that I look younger than my age. To be like, I very simply, there is no need of superdat. There is one important secret that I tell to no one. But with you, so I will share: it is necessary not to overeat! People often gorge themselves because it is not emerged from the slave psychology. This is the psychology of slaves: eat for the future, and suddenly more will have nothing to eat. To eat one time, like forever, and get pleasure from overeating is typical of people that are not able to get pleasure from something else. For example, good health”, – said the satirist.

Zadornov was called one of the smartest satirists in the country, placing in one row with Zhvanetsky, Altovis. Here are a few of his philosophical thoughts.

The most famous quotes of Mikhail Zadornov

“The time is now, hopeless. You know, many people leave from Russia, this wave of emigration was only after the 17th year. The media do not talk about it, but people are afraid for their children, fear of exam, fear of these terrible zapadnoobraznye reform, and people go to the West from the ugly Western reform of Russia… Here’s what to say, think all of us”.

“For me there is no greater happiness to Wake up in the morning, Go to the beach and take a walk at dawn, I was born at dawn, so I hope that I am a man of dawn – it affected my mood, it more often I dawn than sunset”.

“There is no greater joy in life than to feel like you did something useful. We live in a consumer society, where everyone thinks they caught a new car – and here it happiness! But the joy on two or three days because there will be a new model and need to change. And when assisted by a severely ill man, the soul is easy and benevolently”.

“We somehow survived the end of the world 2012. And I knew that ready for this event: I someone could help, someone support in a difficult period of life. And, I imagine some oligarch ours, which announced that in 10 minutes the end of the world, and where he and his attendants? Recently was sitting with two of our oligarchs in the restaurant and explained to them why they are unhappy and sad they are gone, drunk. People do not know what is happiness, they just forgot about it.”