We have released a new trailer of the second part of “independence Day”

Вышел новый трейлер второй части «Дня независимости»

In the network appeared the new trailer for the sequel to “independence Day” from the Studio 20th Century Fox. In the sequel to the hit sci-Fi movie starring the star of “the hunger games” Liam Hemsworth. The film will be released soon – June 2016.

The first film of the franchise was released in 1996. The Director was Roland Emmerich, and the main role is played by will Smith and bill Pullman. In world hire the film, whose budget was just over $ 75 million, has collected more than 800 million. “Independence day” got the award “Hugo” and “Saturn”.

Continuing the story takes place two decades later from the events of the first tape. This time, as then, the aliens attack the earth, but this time their attack more ambitious. The inhabitants of the Earth are resisting desperately to save their planet.

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