«Все мы стареем»: Вера Брежнева высказалась о возрасте Аллы Пугачевой In a recent interview with Oleg Menshikov diva for the first time openly spoke about himself and his family. Alla Borisovna admitted that she is often criticized for the age. Artist sincere wonders why fans blame her for the digits in the passport. Vera Brezhnev decided to answer all the spiteful critics Pugacheva.

Recently, Alla Pugacheva rarely gives interviews and appears at public events. Each output of the prima Donna of the Russian platform in the light causes a storm of emotions among fans. Recently the singer has agreed to be the heroine of the new YouTube show of Oleg Menshikov. To record an interview with Alla came to the theater Yermolova, it is worth noting that tickets for the meeting with the living legend, scattered in the short term, despite the high cost – from 7 to 20 thousand rubles. However, to see the star managed only 79 people, because the more the number of guests the site has not been calculated.

Alla told Menshikov that it affects the indiscretion of some users of the Network. The diva has a personal page on Instagram, where she shares with fans the staff of family life, tells the latest news of Harry and Lisa, often to make fun of star husband Maxim Galkin. According to the singer, she started the account for in order to be in the know. But critics in the Divas often lagging behind under her photos offensive reviews, calling the star “the old”.

To stand up for Dolly parton to the immediately decided Faith Brezhnev.

“Bravo, my love Alla! Gorgeous interview! Wise, brave, amazing! And for everyone worrying, I want to add that we are all getting older. All of you, each of us will age. Just someone earlier, someone later,” said Faith.

In an interview with Alla Borisovna told about the famous wife, about life in a luxurious mansion in a village near Moscow the Dirt. It was there in 2010, Maxim Galkin has completed the construction of the present castle, built in the Gothic style – his childhood dream.

“Max, I have the dreamer. He wanted a child lock, and when the money, decided to build it. Although I was initially against. These gargoyles near the entrance frightened me, Yes, and the design seemed strange. But the house is very practical, everything is very well thought out functionally. There is a separate room for children, Christine, Claudia, Danny, for me and for max. I always with their men in a different room to sleep, so all my life,” shared the singer.

For many fans of revelation Pugacheva became a real surprise. The star talked about the disadvantages, for example, in his youth, he was very reserved person with a mass of complexes. Alla Borisovna admitted that, despite 27 years difference in age Galkin, she is very happy with humorist. Although the star did not hide – on the eve of the wedding, she was sure I would be able to grow old with a younger husband. Alla Pugacheva: “I do Not understand how I got so lucky with my husband after Kirkorov”

“I told him and then said, “Max, I will be able you normally to grow old and nothing to worry about?”. He looked at me so seriously and said that I no nothing to worry about. I’m for the first time, felt happy in marriage. I didn’t know what it’s like to be married. I men what was. One Director, other at all… Well, Sirloin, everything is clear. Sirloin I had. And now I look at max, and he is young, beautiful, intelligent, with sense of humor. Still don’t understand how me and him are so lucky. Well this is how many men I had to sort out how many retries to do to find it,” he said.