Wax doll: what demi Moore did to his face

Восковая кукла: что Деми Мур сделала со своим лицом

53-year-old actress continues to experiment with his looks.

Fans have long noticed that demi often dropping to the beautician for beauty shots. After parting ways with Ashton Kutcher the actress for a long time could not come in myself, lost a lot of weight and began to look like a mummy.

At the last show demi Moore showed up with daughters, however, the actress was not immediately recognized! Completely smooth forehead, and as though forced smile – facial expressions 53-year-old star has not changed throughout the evening. Is Hollywood beauty again overdid the Botox?

Fans of the stars compared it to a wax doll. Star never concealed that for a career she had to do plastic (young demi rhinoplasty, adjusted the cheekbones and eyebrows, and chin), but each time her face becomes younger.

The editors of Woman’s Day turned to a plastic surgeon to learn how to avoid the consequences of cosmetic procedures.

Восковая кукла: что Деми Мур сделала со своим лицом
Восковая кукла: что Деми Мур сделала со своим лицомOlga Shemonaeva, plastic surgeon, specialist in contouring, member of society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons
Восковая кукла: что Деми Мур сделала со своим лицом

Demi Moore is in good physical shape and looks great for his age (11 November the star turns 54 years old), and, of course, not without the help of plastic surgery and cosmetology. But to say that her plastic surgeon went too far with the injections, I can’t. The fact that the star ages, and age characteristics continue to emerge and become more pronounced: I see a little drooping of the eyebrows, the skin becomes less elastic, wrinkles appear around the eyes. By this age, lost fatty layer of the face, so the face becomes more muscular and stronger noticeable creases at the corners of the lips. In addition, changing skeleton, and it also leads to visual transformation.

Of the negative effects of possible fibrotic changes of soft tissues after multiple injections of hyaluronic acid fillers, but it is connected only with the fact that, when fillers were introduced many years ago, they were not good quality and could eventually cause similar phenomena.

Lips adjusted very carefully and well – soft, natural effect, not an expert does not always understand that he used injections. Botox certainly is, without it, the actress anywhere, thanks to the active mimicry wrinkles appear much faster. Pronounced cheekbones is talking about correction, but in what way was carried out the correction, hard to say.

As for her age to do injections, not to turn into a wax figure?

The perfect recipe for keeping in good physical shape to go to a proven specialist to use the complex of procedures aimed at the solution of this problem, to have a sense of proportion in the number of used fillers, understand that only fillers to rejuvenate, especially when lifting the soft tissue of the face. In some cases, fillers gyaurova acid is not shown at all, especially if the face is prone to edema. In such cases, the filament technique.

As a plastic surgeon I can say that Botox should not be afraid, it is safe and very effective in the hands of a professional. Of course, working with the skin, using injections of mesotherapy, plasma for nutrition and stimulation of regeneration processes in the skin. To do plastic surgery when you want to look good, but beautician’t already help.

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