Waterproof laminate FLOOR ALPINE

Водостойкий ламинат ALPINE FLOOR

What floor covering is best? I, as a practicing designer, regularly ask this question, because every soul in dreams of eco-friendly, durable, beautiful and affordable floors. Parquet is expensive and needs special care, a short-lived laminate, and ceramic tile create comfort. What to choose? Quartz-vinyl laminate FLOOR ALPINE is a modern material that can meet all the requirements listed above and even more!

Водостойкий ламинат ALPINE FLOOR

History VIP client

Over 9 years of experience as a designer I had to deal with a variety of clients and projects, from youth studios in Moscow to a respectable family villas in Europe and from the Olympic venues in Kazan to areas in “Moscow city”. The issue of choosing the optimal flooring every time I had to solve individually. We used an array and flooring-Marmoleum and engineering Board, someone chose granite. All options had their pluses and minuses and each time had to maneuver in finding the optimal solution.

The last client defined the problem with choosing the perfect flooring for your new country home particularly acute. I’ve worked with him on the design of a city apartment and knew, firsthand, about how attentive this person to detail and uncompromising when it comes to creating harmonious and comfortable for his family.

In the bedroom of his apartment in the city we used solid wood flooring, while there is almost always worked in the conditions of the humidifier. The result of this interaction is obvious: the array began to swell and gradually fall into disrepair. The repetition of history in a country house the client wanted, so I was set the task to choose for new housing eco-friendly water-resistant floor with high wear resistance. Fortunately, I already had a solution, even such a perfectionist — quartz vinyl flooring ALPINE FLOOR.

Водостойкий ламинат ALPINE FLOOR

The client as always meticulously approached the selection of materials and wished to independently verify the quality of the product. We traveled together to Moscow warehouse to live to see more than 30 color options and evaluate a new technology for simultaneous embossing, by which the surface of quartz-vinyl tile not only looks like natural wood, but has a similar surface texture. Needless to say that the fact that the embossed surface was made not using cheap matrix, creating for all boards the identical impression, and with the help of high quality equipment that allows you to create a custom pattern of wood fibers and veins for each design, be it beech, pine or walnut, was quite important in the selection?

Not surprisingly, after reviewing all the details with the client, we decided to mount the quartz-vinyl floors in several rooms: the bedroom, nursery and even the bathroom. The mounting surface also has surprises.

The client chose the castle decors that do not require adhesive and substrates. Lay the tiles directly on the screed, thus the three masters put 84 m2 floor area ALPINE in just one day! In addition, their services cost cheaper than the usual laying of the laminate not to mention wood or parquet. In the end both I and the client was pleased with the result of the work and the professional and attentive attitude of the specialists of the ALPINE FLOOR.

For myself, I have identified the main attractive quality of ALPINE flooring, allow us to recommend their most demanding customers:

  • 100% water-resistant (can be installed in bathroom, bath or sauna);
  • environmentally friendly (we used them in the project of a private kindergarten in the city of Krasnogorsk);
  • abrasion resistance (all products ALPINE FLOOR has 43 class of durability). Such floors are not afraid of heels, the legs or wheels of furniture;
  • the appearance of solid wood, especially the collection of REAL WOOD with embossing of the protective layer (incidentally, the equipment for stamping can only afford the most modern production in the world);
  • the ability to stack with warm floors;
  • the quietest floors possible!

A variety of decorative solutions and excellent technical characteristics brought the quartz-vinyl tile ALPINE FLOOR in the first place in my personal ranking of floor coverings, surpassing the traditional and already bored of the options of laminate, wood and parquet. The opportunity to look at samples and to quickly obtain the necessary materials from the warehouse in Moscow, as well as more than 100 regional representative offices across the country are another added plus since I often work on projects in different cities. Now geography is no obstacle high-quality floors!

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Designer Alexander Matveyev