Диета для ленивых: как худеть быстро

Диета для ленивых: как худеть быстро

To get rid of extra pounds simply and guaranteed, you can use different ways, one of them is the so-called kefir diet. This does not mean that it is necessary to be lazy, some people just can’t afford another option since from early morning to late evening work. Naturally in such cases it is impossible to cook special dishes and to devote time to physical exercise. Using the diet for the lazy, you can obtain noticeable results in a few weeks. Method approve and those who were able to lose weight this way, and dietitians.

Two glasses of water before meals

Lazy diet is also called water. It’s simple: about half an hour before the meal to drink 2 glasses of clean water. It helps speed up metabolism and thereby increase the speed of absorption of calories, preventing their deposition in reserve as fat. It is also important that water helps rid the body of toxins and wastes. After eating for two hours any drink, and water, in particular, is prohibited.

Breakfast as a prerequisite

One of the important rules is the daily proper Breakfast, which should not take too much time and effort. You can make an omelet or to cook porridge. In practice, it is proved that most cannot lose weight to those who every day gives preference to a light Breakfast.

The correct dinner

For lunch best soup or salad. They contain large amounts of water and fiber that the body quickly filled. Regular consumption of these products will prevent consumption of high calorie food and as a result will help not to gain weight in the future.

Chopped vegetables

Lazy diet would not be such if it was not possible to use ready to cut the products in stores can be found all sorts of vegetable mixes. The use of these products helps to eat and be satisfied, if hunger is strong, and before dinner is still far.


It is not necessary to use different drugs for weight loss, it is better to use multivitamin complexes. According to studies diet and taking multivitamins are more effective. It is believed that at the stage of weight loss appetite increases because of the lack of minerals and vitamins, people are constantly experiencing hunger. Of course, these substances are best obtained from food, but during the diet it is better to take any vitamins after consultation with the doctor.


If the selected diet for the lazy, the menu for each day it is better to prepare in advance. In the taste preferences can not limit yourself, but if you want an Express result of a couple of weeks, you should eliminate starchy, salty, fatty and, of course, fast food. Here is a sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with fruit and buckwheat honey or scrambled eggs with vegetables.
  • A snack before lunch. Orange, Apple, nuts or a pear.
  • Lunch. Soup without meat or soup with chicken breast.
  • Afternoon tea. Salad vegetables without oil, boiled eggs, dairy products.
  • Dinner. Baked fish with tomatoes, boiled chicken or beef.
  • And remember, no matter what set of products you choose, you need to strictly follow the main rule of the diet for the lazy – for 20-30 minutes before a meal to drink 200-300 ml of water. You can’t replace juices, sodas and especially alcohol.

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