Смотри в оба: почему голливудские звезды не умеют дружить When Eva Longoria invited Victoria Beckham for the wedding a bridesmaid, many were surprised that can link these different ladies. It turned out that a friendly relationship in show business generally is a very strange thing.

      Смотри в оба: почему голливудские звезды не умеют дружить

      Actress and designer friends for nearly ten years – ever since Victoria in 2007 my husband and I moved to America. They bonded over passion for fashion and a similar sense of humor, started to walk towards each other to sleepovers and before you know it, the children of Victoria made a childless eve in the “honorary aunt”.

      Gathered married for the third time, the actress didn’t have to think, who to order a wedding dress. Victoria certainly helps eve with the design of her first collection of sportswear, not yet realizing what their relationship is floated at a dangerous competitive territory. It is no wonder that it is believed that a strong friendship is possible only between people who have nothing to share. Therefore, the stars of show business so often complain about loneliness and problems with friends: they suspect mere mortals in the intention to cling to fame and fortune, but his colleagues trust even less…

      And star speaks to star

      In Hollywood there is a legend about the specifics of the actor’s friendship associated with Gwyneth Paltrow. Supposedly one day she looked at Winona Ryder and leafed through lying on her Desk the script of the film “Shakespeare in Love”. Professional temptation outweighed fraternity Gwyneth seized the role and has received for her “Oscar.” At least, so says Winona. And Paltrow blames ex-girlfriend for slander and attempting to shift the blame for their failures on someone else’s shoulders.

      This situation is hardly possible with the current best friend Gwyneth singer Beyonce. The alignment for the friendship, the actress and singer ideal. Both equivalent to the famous, each in his field, but at the same time, Gwyneth sings a little, and Beyonce have experience filming a movie, so that the topics of conversation need not go far. Ladies met over five years ago through their husbands-musicians Chris Martin and Jay-Z at the Assembly show in new York. There followed a series of double dates and walks together with children. Gwyneth was one of the first who showed Beyonce’s newborn daughter blue ivy.

      “I love ivy, she’s just a bundle of energy,” says the actress. – Her parents are amazing, generous and intelligent. My son said he wanted to be like uncle Jay when I grow up. Even externally. I promised to think how to arrange it”.
      Смотри в оба: почему голливудские звезды не умеют дружить

      Beyonce with his hand does not get tired to admire the thriftiness of a friend. The singer, who with the economy for you, it is recognized that sits in the guest Gwyneth obscenely long.

      As good complementary singer Lady Gaga with designer Donatella Versace. Extravagant ladies knitted similar sense of style – Donatella found the perfect model to promote bold ideas, and Gaga has found a mentor in the creative madness. Their relationship reflects Lady Gaga’s song “Donatella” from the album Artpop 2013.

      “I wanted to show her not as a brand but as a person that I admire,” explained the singer. – I hope to be as fearless”.

      Thank you Donatella, which Gaga’s song is lovingly called “the bitch”, said: “From bitches to hear and in my world is maybe the biggest compliment. Actually I love Gaga for sincerity and talent. I am honored to be her friend”.


      Смотри в оба: почему голливудские звезды не умеют дружить

      How much singer Katy Perry may say that he believes Robert Pattinson silly younger brother, and the thought of sex with him seems criminal, the rumors about the affair up again and again, irritating Boyfriends, girlfriends Kathy and Rob. In autumn 2013 the singer even had to apologize to actress Kristen Stewart with whom he broke up shortly before.

      “I didn’t betray you, and thought it his duty to support Rob in this difficult time, as do friends,” wrote Katie. Unlike other friends I have Breasts, but it doesn’t change anything”.

      Interestingly, rumors are spreading that people from the inner circle of the singer who want to see Katy and Rob together. “She has terrible taste in men, she’s attracted to bad boys, they say. And Rob is good, right, they are soul mates. He thinks Kathy’s hot, sexy attraction between them is undeniable. One word of encouragement on her part – and everything is possible.

      Robert would have cost to consult on issues of opposite-sex friendship with George Clooney. George many years close deals with Cindy Crawford, Sandra bullock, Julia Roberts, but she knows how to make romantic assumptions either do not arise at all, or looked funny. In any case, he had to explain to angry spouses of the above ladies. But it took a lot of effort to regain the friendship of Louis the little son of Sandra bullock.

      Until recently, Clooney and Louis met regularly to play basketball and spend time in male company. Louis often required to take him to George, ” says Sandra, who met the actor for more than 20 years ago through his then-boyfriend. They chased me out, I still don’t know what they were doing. Actually, George is not very to kids, but then in my son’s life was not enough men, and the friend took on this role. And last year, Louis saw a fragment from the movie “gravity” where I’m transported into space, and I tried in vain the call of the hero Clooney to help. My son is mad at George because he didn’t save me, even said that he would not love him as before.”

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