Умер режиссер Бернардо Бертолуччи

On 78 year of life died an Italian film Director, playwright and poet Bernardo Bertolucci. He died from a long illness, according to La Repubblica. Details about the cause of death and the funeral yet.

Bernardo was born in Parma (Italy). Since childhood his love of film encouraged father Attilio Bertolucci, a poet, critic, Professor of art history. His future work was influenced by the work of Pasolini, of which the Director is assisted in 61. In 62 young Director casts the University of Rome and devoted himself to the work.

The first film Bernardo Bertolucci “Bony death” was released in 1962. Together with Sergio Leone and Dario Argento, the Director worked on the script for the cult Western “Once in the West”, which critics called the best Western. In 1970 the Director receives worldwide recognition for the film “the Conformist”. “Last tango in Paris” 1972 became controversial, but also “ignites” his popularity. Also directed “Little Buddha” (1993), “stealing beauty” (1996) and “the Dreamers” (2003).

1980 moved to England, where moving away from the Italian theme, starting to work on the film “the Last Emperor” — tape received nine “Oscars” including as the best film of the year. In 1993, the bill came out of the movie “Little Buddha” in which the Director decided to present the audience the tenets of Buddhism, and called himself “the skeptical Buddhist-lover”.

During his life he received a number of prestigious awards: “Oscar”, “Golden globes”, “the Palm branch” and others. In 2014, for his contribution to the struggle for human rights at the summit of Nobel laureates Bertolucci was awarded the peace Prize. In 2013, Bernardo received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame!

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