Смотрим тизер финального сезона Игры Престолов

Fans of the popular series “Game of Thrones” can rejoice, because the network appeared the first teaser of the final season 8! In it viewers learn who will take the Iron Throne, I will win heroes of the White Walkers and how will the relations of John snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Смотрим тизер финального сезона Игры Престолов

The teaser showed shots from the new season, but gave a vivid sketch of a song of ice and fire. All this takes place on the map of Westeros.

And while fans are enjoying the teaser, remember what happened to the actors in real life! The most significant event was the wedding of kit Harington and rose Leslie, whose heroes in Thrones of love ended in failure. Beautiful Sunny day in late July of this year, the stars were married, arranging a traditional Scottish wedding. The bride’s father was dressed in national costume, and the celebration was held in the castle Woodhill located in the North of Scotland. The wedding was in the Church of Rayne in Aberdeenshire, which was attended by not only relatives of the newlyweds, but also many colleagues on the series: Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage and other stars of the series.

“We are incredibly happy and excited that rose and kit are getting married today. This is a special day for us and for the whole of Aberdeenshire, because the wedding was attended by many local companies”, — said Sebastian Leslie, father of the bride.

After the celebration of the news about the marriage of Keith and rose was not audible, but suddenly the silence was broken star photos of Thrones with another girl! Nobody expected that the star of “House-2” Olga Vlasova spent the night with Harrington in Luxembourg. True or not? “I watched a lot of movies and serials with the participation of the whale, of course, knew about this actor. I was very pleased to talk personally with the role of John snow. We instantly hit it off and the matter quickly came to the bed. However, in intimate terms, he has disappointed me. Don’t like it when the man with me the same height,” admitted the ex-participant reality. Fans tend to assume that the submitted photo is just a double of the actor.

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