«А был ли мальчик?»: Андрей Малахов нянчит вместо сына куклу
TV presenter hides a two-month Alexander.

«А был ли мальчик?»: Андрей Малахов нянчит вместо сына куклу

Andrey Malakhov

Photo: the frame of the program “live”

Yesterday in the Network published the announcement of a new edition of the show “live”, where, as suggested by fans, was to be held the debut of the son of Andrei Malakhov. The footage posted a few hours before the live video broadcaster, who in November for the first time, father, carefully holding a baby. Shown briefly child netizens took to be born in the late fall of Alexander.

However, fans were disappointed: Malakhov still continues to hide from fans of his child, and he starred C… doll. “So hoped to show my son Andrew. I am very curious to see him”, “why a doll, not a real baby?”, “I do not understand why the doll shown? When Andrew is at least one photo of little Sasha will show? Maybe there is no son?”write frustrated viewers.

The son of Andrei Malakhov not like famous father

Malakhov meanwhile, wanting to keep his paternity a theme for PR. He recently admitted that combining work in television and the education of the son is almost an impossible task. Mostly about Sasha taking care of his wife Natalia shkuleva and grandmother Tamara. Andrew frankly admits that while he has enough time to at night to change his diaper. “And let the experts assert that in the first weeks of life the baby learns parents not visually, but only by smell and voice, I’m sure Sasha knows exactly who he has a beautiful and gentle aunt, who’s always there, and the stressed at work uncle, sometimes changing his diapers,” jokes Andrew.