Стало известно, почему муж Натали Портман Бенджамин Мильпье покинул престижный пост

Nearly a year ago, the husband of Natalie Portman Benjamin Millepied left the post of Director of the Paris Opera ballet. Job loss led to depression and even quarrels with his wife. Suffering from a shattered career, Ben gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about the racism in the world of ballet, for which he had to leave his beloved job.

The choreographer, who has previously claimed that the reasons for leaving were “personal”, decided on a revelation during the filming of a fiction film, “Reboot”, telling about the time when Benjamin was a Director and tried to modernize the Paris Opera.
“Someone once told me that a black ballerina may not be part of the troupe where all the whites, because it can distract the attention of the audience. Everything is supposed to be the same.. In that moment I understood that is simply obliged to destroy this racist idea,” said Millepied.
Unfortunately, the choreographer failed to change the situation in the Opera, and he was forced to leave.
“In the years 1800-1950 Paris Opera ballet was known for its innovations. but now it is not. Innovation is very lacking in the modern school, and it is very difficult to change something,” said Benjamin.