Was not the star of the television series “road to Calvary”

Не стало звезды телесериала «Хождение по мукам»
Svetlana Penkina, who became famous after the film’s release in 1977, died a few days after the start of filming the new film adaptation of the novel of Alexey Tolstoy.

Svetlana Penkina,

Photo: still from the film

The role of Katya Bulanova was a landmark in the life of Svetlana Penkina. The actress played this role in the graduation performance
The Minsk theater Institute. And if you get it in 13-part TV movie
Director Vasily Orda, became famous all over the country. In the film adaptation of 1977 was attended by a scattering of stars of the Soviet
screen: Irina Alferova, Yuri Solomin, Nikolay Gritsenko, Mikhail Kozakov, Mikhail
Nozhkin, Inna Gulaya, Alexander Lazarev, Sergey Nikonenko, Aleksandr Pashutin, Aleksandr Filippenko, Georgy Burkov, Anna Kamenkova.

Acting career of Svetlana Penkina was short. She has played in ten films, many viewers remember her for her role
Oli in the musical Comedy 1981 “Protect women”. After the release of the 5-part series, “Coming
century” in 1985, the actress in the movie never worked again. Was married to art
the head of the ENSEMBLE “Pesnyary” Vladimir Mulyavina, in this marriage was born a son
Valery. Svetlana lived in Minsk, worked in the structure
The Belarusian state Philharmonic. A few days ago it suddenly didn’t show up for service calls to concerned colleagues did not answer. And then the news came that she died.

In the most famous, the second adaptation of the novel
Alexei Tolstoy released in 1977, Svetlana Penkina played the eldest of the sisters Bulavina — Kate (the role of the younger, Dasha, was Irina Alferova). A few days ago in St. Petersburg, began shooting a new, third version of the novel of Alexey Tolstoy (it will show on NTV, the 100th anniversary of the October revolution). By a strange coincidence, this week in Minsk has gone from the life of Svetlana Penkina, star of the previous series.