Was not Mikhail Zadornov: 5 interesting facts about the life of humorist

Не стало Михаила Задорнова: 5 интересных фактов из жизни юмориста
In memory of a loved by millions satirist 7days.ru recalls the most interesting moments of his life.

Не стало Михаила Задорнова: 5 интересных фактов из жизни юмориста

Mikhail Zadornov at a rehearsal in agitteatr MAI. 1980

Photo: Alexander Sentsov/photo ITAR-TAS

Не стало Михаила Задорнова: 5 интересных фактов из жизни юмориста

Mikhail Zadornov

Photo: Eugene Rumali/TASS

10 Nov 2017
age 69 years, died satirist
and playwright
Mikhail Zadornov. In memory of a loved
the comedian we remember a few important facts from his life.

showed from childhood

Mikhail Zadornov was born
21 Jul
in Jurmala, Latvia, in the family of the famous
writer Nicholas
Pavlovich Zadornov and proofreader Helena Melicharova
Zadornova (nee Dutifully, Matusevich),
polka origin. Already during his studies at the Riga school
future parodist regularly participated in various productions. He recalled that first came out
on stage in second grade: “I Played the turnip.
And “pulls” so elegant,
cried “Encore, Bravo — say, pull out
it again!”

sister of Michael, Lyudmila also told me that
brother showed creativity
from childhood: “Our
grandma Vera said
Misha is the same as talented as him
father. He was always an extraordinary child:
drew well, was good at math
and physics. Of course, many things we were given
parents. They prepared us for all
changes in the country that occurred.
Mike saw it clearly and with humor. With
that he always had everything in order.”

2. The way of the humorist began
Aviation Institute

Не стало Михаила Задорнова: 5 интересных фактов из жизни юмориста

Mikhail Zadornov

Photo: Viktor Klyushkin/ITAR-TASS

In the early 70-ies Zadornov studied in Moscow
Aviation Institute.
And in parallel with the profession
the engineer was art
Director, Director
and actor student agitteatr MAI
“Russia”. Speeches humorous
the team collected full houses, and
the success of comedians traveled a lot
cities of the Soviet Union.

3. Famous all over the country, reading from the scene stories and miniatures

After graduating from MAI Zadornov
began to be published, and then became
head of the Department of satire and humor in
the magazine “Youth”.
In 1982, Mikhail made his debut on television with
monologue “Letter to student’s home”, and
two years later, the famous all
country, after reading your story “the Ninth
wagon”. Popular parodist with each
year, and in the early 90s
he was the author and presenter of popular TV shows in those years the “full House”,
“A satirical forecast”, “mothers and Daughters”

4. To withstand
a four-hour concerts helped love
to work

Не стало Михаила Задорнова: 5 интересных фактов из жизни юмориста

Mikhail Zadornov

Photo: Natalia Loginova

Mikhail Zadornov


The audience loved the comedian and did not let off the stage, turning his performances with monologues in a real marathon.
Journalists tortured Zadornov, as he
able to withstand regular two – and
three-hour concerts. The artist as always answered with
humor: “helps Me four hours
to stand only one thing: my job. I
like it, that’s all. If
love your work, you physically
not loaded as if you do
thing unloved. Any Yes, I can wish
same! And answering further notice
what I’m pretending to be healthy because
I’m a good artist…”

5. Philosophy of life took
the East

A few years ago in
the life of a humorist there was a sharp change:
Mikhail was seriously interested
philosophy and self-improvement
and at some point even wanted to leave
the big stage. In an interview
Zadornov said: “the Stage is
making money, race. Need
to get rid of the hassle, fuss,
the pursuit of money, otherwise will not work.
And the modern humor below
belt won’t do.”

In the same interview, parodist admitted that he really was seriously interested
different philosophies, ancient
pagan teachings and began to seriously
to study the history of our ancestors. Mikhail Nikolaevich
told that about 15 years ago, I met a woman that long
time lived in India and told him about
Ayurveda, which has become an integral part of his life.

“In one of its
Himalayan expeditions I had slept in
Buddhist monasteries. Learned a lot.
The main thing — to appreciate their own culture.
Philosophy of life I took from the East, there
preserved the wisdom of Ayurveda, which
helps in life. At first, I really
skeptical treated her, but the more I read
about her, the more mysterious became
it is for me. In any case, I Ayurveda
largely helps,” said
Mikhail Zadornov.