Was declassified by the new boyfriend of Emma stone

Был рассекречен новый парень Эммы Стоун

Two years ago, the star of the musical “La La Land” Emma stone broke up with the “New spider-man” Andrew Garfield and have been able to survive because foreign news portals reported that the actress is seeing with her new boyfriend. Journalists were able to declassify the new darling 28 — year-old Emma, who was 32-year-old film Director and screenwriter Dave, Makkeri.

“He is one of the most delicate and beautiful creative leaders when it comes to directing,” say colleagues, Makkeri. Many people know his work at Saturday Night Live. Of makkeri not once been nominated for an Emmy

Before Emma met with Andrew Garfield, best known for playing “spider-Man”. They broke up two years ago, but after this event, there were rumors that the actress wants to resume the old relationship. “Andrew’s feelings for Emma had never cooled, and now become stronger. They were seen holding hands when they left the building through the emergency exit,” said one of the insiders to foreign media. As reported by the Sun, the actors try to spend more time in umetsu, because they are taken more often are in different cities.

Their relationship began in 2010 on the set of the film “New spider-Man”. They played the main characters, who also were in love with each other. After 5 years, the media reported the sad news of their breakup. Insiders of the circle of the couple told People that “no drama was not, they just stopped seeing each other because of work. But they still treat each other with love and continue to communicate, they have a good relationship.” In April media reported that the pair took a break in the relationship. Agreed on the fact that both have a lot of work, which does not allow time for a personal life. The pair did not notice the time at events together, but as it turned out, the gap was the final decision.