Wards Maxim Fadeev told about unrequited love

Подопечные Максима Фадеева рассказали о несчастной любви Olga Seryabkina, Polina favorskaya, Kate Kischuk and other artists of the producer center “MALFA” told about the first liking for the opposite sex. Producer groups also remembered a girl who liked him in 14 years.
Подопечные Максима Фадеева рассказали о несчастной любви

New song by Cartel “gets crazy” production center “MALFA” created a furor in social networks. Each ward Maxim Fadeev told about the first unrequited love and described what I felt during the separation from her lover.

Подопечные Максима Фадеева рассказали о несчастной любви “First love rarely turns out to be the love of your life. And most of all, our first lesson and experience on how do you can feel. With my first love I was so expressive that after he left me, I realized that I can never be the same. So much emotional, which was with him. And I realized that not all guys can withstand, when we girls in the stress. But I do remember how I tore the tower. As I ran, how jealous, how I begged, how happy I was. After a long time I had contact with him, and we recalled how, in General, all we had. And he told me why he had ran out on me. He was afraid of such a range of emotions. And I just said, “Thank you,” for what he did. Otherwise today, maybe it was different”, – said Olga Seryabkina.

Another soloist SEREBRO Kate Kischuk also told about the pain experienced during first love.

Подопечные Максима Фадеева рассказали о несчастной любви “I remember that we were fighting constantly, reconciled, fought, and that there was no end. And once we argued so much that even changed SIM cards in the phones to make it impossible each other to get through. And, of course, I was sad. I thought, if I get to the subway station where he lives every day for at least 15 minutes, then we will be able to meet by chance. But the past week or two, I never met him. And here, interestingly. We faced a month on the street completely by accident. And again made up,” told Katya.

Have recently left the group of Pauline Tabor has been a very tragic story associated with a love relationship.

Подопечные Максима Фадеева рассказали о несчастной любви “My first love was very painful, and can say, unrequited. Because I’m in this relationship loved, and the man played. I was 15 years old, and I just fell in love with his blue eyes. And can you imagine that what you see of the man, and covers some tetanus. And you start to behave stupid with him. But at this age, all will be forgiven. I was madly in love, it was a kind of blind adoration. Forgave all. I lived in the country. When we just started Dating, I almost immediately accidentally saw him leaving my sister’s house for a pen with another girl. After all those strong emotions that we had. I remember this moment. And I remember that he ran far into the woods with me were two friends – boys. I run the tears flow and I’m incredibly hurt. Running through the branches then were covered with some scratches. And at one point I lost consciousness and fell. The guys picked me up, planted a tree, has resulted in a sense. And there was a branch on a branch, and I say that now, just his hand planted on the branch. Naturally, the guys stopped, one boy just held my hands and soothed. The same day my love just went with this problem, a word without telling anyone. Nothing to write to me,” shared Pauline.

According to Tabor, the young man was in love with another girl. The singer said that still remembers lying on bed at home in a state of nervous breakdown, from mental anguish even scratched walls in the apartment. “But I’ve never wanted to kill myself. I was always rational. Do not respond to momentary impulses. Then I had to learn to sublimate in art. Just recently, this boy called me. And says – are you blond? Well, all I’m in love. Nothing of love left, of course. Only warm childhood memories,” said Pauline.

Maxim Fadeev also remembered the sad story about the first serious hobby. However, the girl did not notice the timid boy.

“At the time was my first great love. When I was fourteen years old. And I was in love to such an extent that just went crazy. And looked then, perhaps, a fool. It didn’t pay any attention because I was perfectly normal rowdy boy. Money is also there. But I really wanted to impress her. At least some way. I took my father criminaly brown suit in herringbone. Scary to horror! And Burgundy boots high yellow beveled heel. And took dad’s briefcase, as I remember. And in this form went to the district of her home, there to accidentally meet her. Waited a long time very. And finally I saw it… And you walk past, all dressed up, so indifferent. With the diplomat’s armpit! Pass. And she did not even notice me. For me it was just a shock. And when I got home, I still got great for the fact that without demand took paternity suit,” said the musician.