Wardrobe for a big family — what to choose?

Шкаф для большой семьи — на чем остановить свой выбор?

In a large family, the main problem is storage of all things. You want everyone to fit in one place and it looked neat. Then you could use a large wardrobe. Let’s look at how to choose a dressing that would match your expectations and combines the most necessary elements.

Шкаф для большой семьи — на чем остановить свой выбор?


The first thing you need to find a place where you set the overall furniture. For example, a large closet in the hallway to a small area, you can select the corner radius models. The straight design is better to place along the walls and partitions. You should also consider the available space in front of Cabinet for door opening, then you can consider the options of hinged or sliding door wardrobes. Often set a large wardrobe in the hallway or the bedroom. In these rooms is more space.


For a large family will fit options with three or more sections. Take high cabinets, so it will be even extra space in the attic to store seasonal items or shoes. Multiple-door cabinets will help you to compactly place adult and children’s clothing, bedding, towels, etc.


Internal content of the wardrobe should be thought out rationally depending on what you want to store in it. In the classic version — it is many shelves, drawers, niches, swelling under the clothing. Additionally, you can embed obuvnitsy, racks, baskets for linen. To save internal space you can install a pull-out rod for the coat rack.


In the matter of the appearance of furniture should proceed from the overall style of the interior, respectively, to select an appropriate color palette. To increase the visual space, choose cabinets with large mirrors and light shades.


We all know that every year there are more things, and maybe you plan or expect. Therefore, it is better to take a little more than you need. Believe me, a long empty shelves will not.


The best option for you would be to make furniture on an individual project, which will take into account your wishes, the exact dimensions and design. Calculating the exact number of shelves and hooks, you will be able to allocate a separate place of storage for each family member.

Шкаф для большой семьи — на чем остановить свой выбор?

When choosing a spacious and functional wardrobe, do not forget about quality. It is important that the furniture was made of sturdy, environmentally friendly materials using reliable hardware and systems door opening. Wardrobe for your family needs to last for many years, delighting the order and a cosiness in the house.


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