«Война» с Николаем Басковым? Никита Пресняков спровоцировал новый скандал
The musician has offended fans of pop music.

Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: @npresnyakov Instagram Nikita Presnyakov

Nikita Presnyakov is the representative subculture with an alternative Outlook on life. Born into a family of entertainers, he did not inherit from his parents a passion for pop music. He “punches” his way to world fame in music is quite aggressive for untrained listeners style. Recently Nikita has presented on court of users of the Network version of your group’s Multiverse for the song: Linkin Park “Lying From You”. However, fans were not ready to take rock music performed by Presnyakov. Many of them criticized the heir of the famous dynasty.

The criticism was seriously enraged Nikita. A little later he’s in pretty emotional manner expressed in the address of “armchair experts”. “Guys, if you fans Boskovich-tanaskovic, do not listen to this music and do not understand it, meaning that anything at all to write? How to put someone here: “I’m not going to Baskov in “Instagram” and not trashing him because he’s not skribit and Gromit”. I am and this is my music, in the West, this music gathers stadiums, and? I think that everyone who listen to it – downs? No, they are all just a lot more understanding than the average person!” — said Nikita. Saying 26-year-old Presnyakov has caused a strong reaction among fans of pop music in which the words of the soloist of the Multiverse seemed very offensive.

In addition to musical activities Nikita takes clips and short films. Level Presnyakov in this area is not Amateur: a young representative of the famous names alumnus new York film Academy.