“War and peace” the BBC: a new reading or Kinoproba?

«Война и мир» BBC: новое прочтение или кинопровал? The eleventh adaptation of the great novel by Leo Tolstoy provoked controversial reactions from the audience. Compatriots Tom Harper praised the film, and the Russians say that the British Director has made too many mistakes, interpreting the religious work. “StarHit” decided to find out what is interesting in the BBC series based on the novel “War and peace”.

      «Война и мир» BBC: новое прочтение или кинопровал?

      For nearly three years the British team of Directors and operators are working to create a new film adaptation of”War and peace”, the long-awaited premiere of which will take place today on the First channel at 21:30. This film became the eleventh option of reading the classics. The most famous film based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy is considered to be the Oscar-winning picture by Sergei Bondarchuk, released in 1965.

      Typically, films released by aliens from the works of Russian classics, always contain a number of inaccuracies. “StarHit” decided to find out why the British liked the BBC series, and how it may disappoint fans of creativity of Leo Tolstoy.

      The British praise

      «Война и мир» BBC: новое прочтение или кинопровал?

      After the premiere in the UK, the film instantly became the most discussed of the last works issued by the Directors of Albion. The first series of novelties gathered at the screens of 7 million people. This is not surprising: after all, the series has become the most expensive in the history of the BBC. Worked on it hundreds of people, heroes costumes cost tens of pounds, and the shooting took place thousands of kilometers away from the capital of great Britain: in St. Petersburg, near Novgorod and Vilnius. About 150 silk dresses and ceremonial coats were leased from the Russian film Studio “Lenfilm”.

      “If I had proposed to remove the “War and peace”, I’d refused. Scary, because so many people love this novel. Despite the fact that the characters lived 200 years ago, I felt an amazing closeness with them. They look like modern people, they are human. You begin to realize that over 200 years people have not really changed very much. We love, feel guilty, feel the attraction and passion. All the characters constantly make mistakes, but they are living people who love them. I think this is the genius of Tolstoy,” said Tom Harper.
      «Война и мир» BBC: новое прочтение или кинопровал?

      British critics embraced the film Tom Harper on “hurrah”. Columnists known British editions left laudatory reviews in the new Harper’s, and the Housewives of London is eagerly waiting for the release of the new series. “Tell me, is it possible to guess from the third series that Pierre gets captured by the French, Anatole Kuragin cut off the leg, and Marya Bolkonsky will marry Nikolai Rostov, and poor Sonia is on the bird’s rights to live in their house? Never in my life!”, – admired the story of one of the British critics.

      Despite the fact that the events of the series describe what happened in the XIX century, the characters relevant to this day. That is why the great British public is so fond of this series that even discussed his story in the public social networking.

      Russians criticize

      Russian classical fans have already seen footage from the series on the Internet, take a look at the trailer or to assess the English-language version of the news. In the opinion of many, Natasha Rostova cannot be blonde, and Pierre Bezukhov quite similar to Tolstoy’s character. Besides, the actress Lily James was 26 years old at the time of filming in the film, so make-up artists and hairdressers had to try to make her teen Natasha Rostova, which appears in the first series.

      Particular outrage among the audience caused a large number of erotic scenes in the film “War and peace” of Harper. In the first series appears on the screen Nude Ellen, which sees Pierre Bezukhov. Anatoly Kuragin and his sister are on the screen itself is very frivolous, which is not in Tolstoy’s novel. However, according to a British scenarist, Audrey Davis, sexual relations between relatives were present. The filmmakers decided that the Russian author meant such erotic relations within the family.

      Dubbing six episodes of the series on the Russian language took six months. “We tried to find a middle ground between modern language and the new film adaptation of the novel. In the film, and the dubbing there is no entrance role, even the characters with small replicas of important”, – told the Director Olga Gasparov.

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