Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido

Founded in 1872 in Tokyo’s Ginza district, though Shiseido has released a beauty tool, but firmly in the minds of many entrenched as the brand’s skin products. This fall brand re-launched make-up collection, presented its national make-up artist Denis Kartashev and the new Ambassador of Shiseido, who became Olympic champion Alina Sagitova.

We attach great importance to the inextricable link between care products, which is our value and pride, and Shiseido makeup. We are not just a brand, which produces cosmetics have some kind of properties to care for skin, explains Jill of Scalamandre, President of the international scientific-innovative center of Shiseido makeup.

The collection includes 18 agents in 118 shades. Conditionally they can be divided into four textures: shimmer, gels, powders and inks.

The shimmer for face, eyes and lips, Aura Dew (2 200 RUB.) contains no pigment, tiny particles of pink, silver and gold Japanese pearl. All these three shades, which look great on the self, merge with the skin tone and, in contrast to the usual shimmers / highlighters, held steady, not “walking” in the face, for as much as 12 hours.

Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido

Technology brands especially worked on the texture a new lipstick VisionAiry Gel (2 400 RUB). In the composition of agar-agar (a mixture of polysaccharides), clay and copolymer gels due to which a large number of pigments connected with water, leaving lips soft, pleasant finish which lasts for hours.

Even the packaging of the tools are not simple. To save the lipstick for as long as possible in fresh condition, the lipstick is placed in a sealed tube foil, which preserves the structure and extends shelf life.

Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido

To create the effect of a wet glass to the lips, help a transparent gel Crystal Gel (1 900 rubles). In the laboratories of Shiseido and updated collection of tonal resources, creating a new formula that perfectly breathe easily combined and allow you to adjust the density of the coating.

Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido

Mark has always been a innovator and trailblazer in the category of powders and in 1917 produced a powder “7 colors”. Designed specifically for geisha, these colored powders were look great under any lighting conditions.

The eyeshadow colors Essentialist (3 100 rubles) received their names in honor of the crowded neighborhoods of the Japanese capital, known for its dynamic, distinctive and often extravagant style. For example, after the street Hanatsubaki, the historic quarter, known for its “Mama-San” bars and jazz clubs, called palette smoky purple shades.

Blush-veil Minimalist (2 800 rubles) texture reminiscent of an airy, whipped, cream cakes. During application they become weightless mousse powder with a slightly matte texture. If you love tools effect natural lights, pay attention to a hybrid blush and highlighter InnerGlow Powder (2 900 RUB.).

Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido

“Ink,” a collection of its birth owes to the art of Shodo traditional Japanese culture kind of calligraphy, which has its roots in the beginning of the fifth century. It included nail Polish-lip gloss LacquerInk (2 200 RUB.) with oil in them (gives a glossy finish, but lasts until the first Cup of coffee), water-resistant pencil InkArtist (1 900 rubles), which will replace and kajal, and shadow, and eyebrow pencil, and fine liner pen eyeliner MicroLiner Ink (1 800 RUB).

Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido

The inspiration for the latest steel sticks for drawing with Sumi ink used in traditional Japanese calligraphy. The artists of the brand suggest to use blue or white color to instantly hide the fatigue and refresh the eyes.

To draw a perfect tip of the arrow now will not be difficult due to the curved eyeliner ArchLiner Ink (1 900 rubles).

Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido
Makeup Artist Denis Kartashev

The updated line includes a collection of modeling tools for eyebrow 3-in-1 InkTrio (1 850 rubles). On the one hand is ultra-thin, matte pencil that you can finish the missing hairs, and with another — spongey applicator with a tinted powder with a delicate pearl sheen.

Fukinsei, is one of the main aesthetic principles of Japanese design, according to which beauty is seen in asymmetry and imperfection. It is a key in modeling the eyebrows. The arc of the eyebrows should be symmetrical, but not necessarily the same, says Boemer.

MascaraInk mascara with silicone brush (2 300 rubles) creates on the eyelashes vinyl flooring, reminiscent of world known Japanese lacquer ware or shikka.

For more than 100 years in Japan has created some of the best brushes in the world. Shiseido in collaboration with OCHI, a leading company in Kumano, which is famous for its calligraphy brushes and cosmetics, has developed a collection of brushes based on five principles, fude (fude Japanese brush): structure, material, sharpness, elasticity and roundness. All brushes are handmade by master craftsmen, Takumi, in Japan, and each model has a name in the tradition of pudaily hake (hake — Japanese flat brush) to indicate the shape of the brush. Manufacturer of single brush doing more than 80 experienced craftsmen.

Wanted: обновленная коллекция макияжа Shiseido


A source of inspiration for the design of covers was a Japanese silk ritual cloth, used for wiping the utensils during the traditional tea ceremony, — says the expert.

Advertising campaign

Famous makeup artist Kara Yoshitomo-Bois has become is the face of the collection of chemerov, a media artist with a world name is Yi Zhou gels; ballerina Sonaiya, Mizuno powder; and singer banks is the ink.

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