Wanted: три японских бьюти-гаджета от Mizuhi

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — beauty-brand Mizuhi gadgets that promise to simplify our lives and save a lot of time. Check?

Oh, brave new world of gadgets! Watch counting your calories, weighing scale, accurately showing the percentage of body fat, Wake-up light, who will teach breathing techniques before bedtime — all of these modern devices make life easier and the world better.

Beauty gadgets on the market, too, with every year becomes all anymore. So, last week, Russia finally got the Japanese brand Mizuhi (thank you L’etoile for it). It has a range of cool, inexpensive and, most importantly, need devices that are designed to simplify and accelerate cosmetic procedures to enhance the action of creams and masks, but it does not take up much space, which is so valued by the Japanese. SPLETNIK.RU chose the three most interesting gadget.

Humidifier Dragon Egg with backlight (2 132 rubles).

Regardless of the type of climate in which you live, dry indoor air can make the skin dehydrated and chapped. Creams with hyaluronic acid is fine, but a humidifier would be good too.

In addition to moisturizing the skin, these devices will help reduce allergies and even minimize your chances of Contracting the flu. Dragon Egg is a portable humidifier the size of an ostrich egg (or dragon, as in the TV series “Game of thrones” Daenerys Targaryen).

He has two modes of illumination (if desired, it can be used as a night light) and two moisture regime. It connects directly to the monitor through the USB cable, so it can be safely put on the Desk or even in the car. 320 ml water tank lasts the entire 12 hours of continuous operation.

Unlike their “brothers” that emit a buzzing sound, this quiet snuffle (you do forget that it is enabled). Want to arrange a aromatherapy? Then add the water one or two drops of your favorite essential oil (although in the office we you do not recommend it: you never know, colleagues do not share your love of grapefruit oil essential blends patchouli and ylang-ylang). A choice of eggs three shades: pale pink, blue and black.

Massager Massage anti wrinkle Wrinkle Remover (1 349 rubles)

One look at this creature awakens our curiosity and makes us immediately question that. Not many people would guess that actually is a massager that relieves tension, improves circulation, reduces bags and circles under the eyes and smoothes wrinkles.

Despite its fanciful look, Massage Wrinkle Remover is really a genius, but at the same time, a simple product. And if last year can be safely called the triumph of the jade roller, now the growing popularity of such metallic massagers.
Mechanical stimulation enhances muscle tone and gives an instant tightening effect that lasts several hours, says new York dermatologist Neal Garden.

Experts advise to hold it in the refrigerator before use and apply as a Supplement to morning and evening beauty ritual. And after the flight this gadget is simply irreplaceable — save the swelling is not worse favorite patches with caffeine. It’s time to learn some self-massage techniques, and remember that here the main thing not to overdo it: push, stretch and rubbing the skin are not worth it.

Wanted: три японских бьюти-гаджета от Mizuhi

Brush-hair straightener (2 049 RUB)

The first brush for hair straightening appeared on the market about four years ago, during this time, the gadget has become even more intelligent. Looks and works that thing is like a usual comb, only this device has within the ceramic plate, located under the hard bristles (they heat up, making the hair sleek and straight).

The most convenient and quick option of use the product is to dry the hair a regular hair dryer, and then comb it in a few minutes to straighten and add Shine. The best part is that the brush is suitable even for those who do not consider themselves Jane Atkin — no special skills hairstylist, you do not need. Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Wanted: три японских бьюти-гаджета от Mizuhi

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