Wanted: восстанавливающая сыворотка и маска Cicapair, Dr.Jart+

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist serum (corrector tones of irritated skin) and mask Cicapair from the Korean brand Dr. Jart+ with stem cells and water from Centella asiatica.

If you have recently bucholic could not imagine the medium without hyaluronic acid in the composition, now a major component of skin products — zentella Asian. This ingredient has been used traditionally in Oriental medicine and Ayurveda as healing wounds. In Ancient China, and Ancient India based on it not only did a healing ointment, but and eaten. Centella ashitaka contains caffeine that improve the metabolism of cells, vitamins a,C, E and K, magnesium normalize the blood vessels, and fitostvolovye cells (they are derived from shoots, buds and roots of this plant) increase the tone of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

This spring, the Korean brand Dr. Jart+ has expanded the range Cicapair in which the first party executes this fashion component. The medium-hybrid — soothing serum and a lightweight CC cream for irritated and sensitive skin (4 325 rubles) — and mask-antistress (505 RUB apiece).

Serum Cicapair slightly greenish tint corrects redness and is ideal for those who suffer from acne or moderate. Mint green probably gives the water from the leaves of Centella asiatica (also known as tiger grass). Like aloe and chamomile, Centella asiatica or abbreviated as cica is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Wanted: восстанавливающая сыворотка и маска Cicapair, Dr.Jart+

Tiger grass stimulates the growth of cells (so the skin renews itself faster), it is also rich in chlorophyll (the green substance in plant cells), which strengthens the skin, restores moisture balance and forms a protective barrier.

However, it is worth noting that the elixir also has a really powerful restorative ingredients: extracts of plaun rock, huttonii (don’t ask…) and yarrow. Mineral complex regulates pH of the skin, and Chlorella extract cocoa seed and beta-carotene are struggling with a dull complexion. In addition, the tool has added sunscreen — SPF 20 (not 30%, however, as in the cream Re-Cover from this same line).


When applying the serum, which at first glance more like a clay mask than the Foundation mimics the colour of the skin, becoming translucent essence a slightly beige hue. It automatically adapts to the skin tone.

In effect the tool can be compared with the application of green color corrector on every inch of his face. New easy to cope with reddened skin and hormonal acne. Green miracle neutralizes all the problems, the struggle with which usually falls to the share Foundation.

Wanted: восстанавливающая сыворотка и маска Cicapair, Dr.Jart+

The second novelty — mask sheet with the same zincalloy. Sos tool promises to restore damaged skin (after cosmetic procedures or extra 30 minutes under the scorching sun to put this cooling mask — the most it) and prepare it for makeup. Allantoin moisturize, and essential oils of chamomile, lavender and bergamot soothe the skin.

Wanted: восстанавливающая сыворотка и маска Cicapair, Dr.Jart+

By the way, what with the mask no. The product has passed dermatological control and contains no parabens, talc, mineral oil, surfactants based on sulfates, dyes, resin, triethanolamine, benzophenone-5, benzyl alcohol, polyacrylamide and artificial flavors.

You can safely Supplement this novelty its cosmetic “kit” in case of redness or irritation.

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