Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — line skin care products from your favorite beautician Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sienna Miller, Irina Shayk and a good half of the Western stars of the first magnitude.

Office to the German esthetician Barbara Sturm regularly run up Sienna Miller, Irina Shayk, Kate moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Elsa Hosk. In the clinic, the doctor selects for each patient the personal recipe care products, which can be obtained only after the detailed analysis of blood. A few years ago the doctor released a line of care products for skin, and this week he arrived in Moscow to personally present the miracle cosmetics pampered residents of the Russian capital.

Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm

If you leave half in Articoli doesn’t want to, but the soul needs a holiday, necessarily accompanied by beauty products, there is nothing better than a set of miniatures.

In the so-called Discovery Set Dr. Barbara Sturm (he’s worth about seven thousand) includes face cream (20 ml), after shave (50 ml), hyaluronic ampoule (2 ml), facial scrub (20 ml), eye cream (5 ml) and anti-aging body cream (50 ml). And now everything in order.

Dr. Sturm followed his own philosophy: tools should heal the skin, and this is to be free of fragrances (products practically without a smell), mineral oil and preservatives.

The development of each product line is associated with telomerase enzyme of youth cells, its opening in 2009, it was awarded the Nobel prize. With each cell division, the protective “caps” of our chromosomes — the telomeres — get shorter. When they become too short, the correct copying of DNA is disrupted, which leads to a change, mutation and even cell death — and this, in turn, accelerates aging.

Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm

With age, the telomerase activity decreases, resulting in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, weaken the protective function of the skin. Its activity increases the purslane and Scutellaria baicalensis, which are included in the products of the brand.

Purslane is an herb that you have not used in any ojogovom. Although in ancient times it was used as medicine throughout the world. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used purslane to heal wounds and as an anti-inflammatory

explains Sturm.

Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm
Barbara Sturm

Start a skin care aesthetician consults cleansers. Here to the aid of the purslane come urea, aloe Vera, panthenol and mild surfactants. The texture resembles delicate whipped foam. It cleans the skin up, and as gently as possible without disturbing the natural water balance.

The second step is exfoliation. The composition of the exfoliating agent includes vitamin a, extracts of silk and horse chestnut and ground almonds that gently removes dead skin cells. And again the key word here is gently.

Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm

Recently Hailey Baldwin admitted that when she doesn’t have time to go to the procedure to Vincent Oquendo she use a scrub and mask for face Dr. Barbara Sturm.

By the way, about the mask. Tool with kaolin (white clay), oil of sweet almond, vitamin E, chamomile, and the juice of the leaves aloe Vera is a real salvation for irritated skin. The model confirms that the effect is the same as the costly salon treatment, and this home is a beauty ritual just ten minutes.

Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm

Before applying the cream for eye area and face with aloe Vera and chamomile test ampoules with hyaluronic acid (they say it’s the best-selling product line at home — in Dusseldorf). The secret of its efficiency in molecules with different molecular weights: large remain on the surface and provide immediate moisturizing effect, and a little work on the deeper layers, replenishing moisture reserves for the skin.

Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm

Finally, it’s time to moisturize from head to toe. Anti-aging cream Anti-Aging Body Cream is in a hurry to help. Honestly, to call it cream difficult, the more it looks like a thick body lotion (by the way, this tool is the only line that has a delicate aroma). In the composition of the oil from the seeds of grapes and core meadow, Shea butter, a familiar purslane, glycerin (where the same without him), Indian almond, olive oil, vitamins E and C, lactic acid, glacial water and the enzyme radish (which did not come up, of course).

Wanted: молекулярная косметика Dr. Barbara Sturm

The range also provides an interesting serum for face: moisturizer Hyaluronic Serum, antibacterial, Super Anti-Aging Serum and sun drops Sun Drops. Their most devoted fan — Kim Kardashian. And recently, the line appeared and anti-aging vitamins and Food Food Food Repair (guess what the main ingredient in the composition — that’s right, purslane), promising to restore youth. Soon in sale will be a children’s line for skin care.

My husband jokes that I’m like Willy Wonka — create a new candy and really can’t stop! I now have dozens of products in development. I just released a line of Baby & Kids, consisting of five funds. Initially I developed it for my three year old daughter pepper, as I didn’t trust those products that are on the market. Part of Dr. Barbara Sturm no hazardous or toxic ingredients. The whole line is tested by dermatologists,

told Barbara about the new product.