Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline

Adriana Lima

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — a capsule makeup collection Maybelline New York and the sports brand Puma. Water-resistant mascara, metallic highlighter, a super-healthy lipstick, double-sided sticks for eyes and stick for creating fashionable wet effect — for those who even at the gym wants to look perfect.

It is an old tradition to start the new year with promises to work out more, to go on a diet and the list goes on. In many healthy lifestyle benefits says that the best motivation to go to the gym — buy a new form. Now to motivate you sports records may limited collection of PUMA and Maybelline New York. “She combines beauty, fashion and sports,” exactly describe the novelty of its creators.
Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline

A collection of 12 products was developed using the latest technology exceptional durability. This is particularly noticeable when testing new shades of matte lipstick SuperStay Liquid Lipstick Matte Ink: Epic (dusty pink), Fearless (purple), Fierce (dark violet), Unapologetic (juicy orange) and Unstoppable (purple).
Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline

Four stick Matte + Metallic Eye Duo is actually as much as eight shades (they’re reversible). The texture of matte and metal, suitable for both day and evening make-up (especially nice lavender color).

It is worth noting that the shades are inspired by street style, quite bold, so do not be surprised if you want to use them after going all the way to the gym.

Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline

Color + Gloss Duo Face Stick is also a product “two in one”: this highlighter and a stick in berry shade for the perfect glow.

If you prefer the texture dry, then pay attention to Skin Master Chrome. It is also a highlighter, only with a delicate Golden shimmer (it looks like a bestseller from Becca tint, Opal, has long deserved recognition of professionals and bloggers).

Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline

Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline

This is not the first time Puma has partnered with beauty brands. So, brand had previously created a sneaker in the iconic shades of lipstick M. A. C, and Reebok has collaborated with Face Stockholm to create a range of footwear in colors inspired by eye shadow and nail Polish.

Wanted: коллекция макияжа PUMA x Maybelline

All funds from the collection of Puma x Maybelline are from 590 to 850 rubles.


This year brands one after the other produce products with increased durability and “toughness”. CoverGirl, for example, created an Active collection, which includes Foundation, mascara and liquid liner. All for sports.

Brand Wet n Wild has decided to add glamour to our active lifestyle with her Pump Collection 20 beauty products for skin and hair, each of which bears the name, inspired by the popular exercise.

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