«Wanted? Get!”Alla Pugacheva showed itself without embellishment

«Хотели? Получите!» Алла Пугачева показала себя без прикрас
Netizens issued a “verdict” of the prima Donna.

«Хотели? Получите!» Алла Пугачева показала себя без прикрас

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @Instagram alla_orfey Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva, like all stars, has an army of haters. Today they added “work”. Detractors of the actress threw all their forces to discuss the new selfie Diva in an unusual form. The artist took a picture of myself without a gram of makeup on my face and made a comment regarding their appearance.

Apparently, Alla very happy with the reflection in the mirror. “Many people want to see me without makeup, so to speak, without embellishment.Satisfy your curiosity, but don’t forget that in April I’m 69 years old!”reminded Joe. Fans, as they should be, share your delight in the comments: “the Main thing sense of humour and a sparkle in the eyes”, “you look great!”, “The beauty of no spoil. Natural beauty”, “God Forbid, because all look like in 68 years!”.

Role model: why all discussing dance Alla Pugacheva?

And detractors at the same time perform their “duties”. Haters made Alla Borisovna disappointing verdict: without makeup she the public appear not worth it. Anyway, I think spiteful critics, it is necessary to live a modest suburban life, not flickering in the secular parties. Like, the Diva has already left…But Alla Borisovna to the comments of the haters have no case. She continues to enjoy life and to tease their actions of ill-wishers. And, it should be noted, has every right to do. This is her personal blog and show it can be anything you want, right?