Wanted: первая профессиональная (и демократичная) линия макияжа Dior

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist —

View full: http://www.spletnik.ru/beauty/news_beauty/83444-tonalnoe-sredstvo-hello-happy-benefit.htmlколлекция Backstage from the Dior Line, the funds from which will help you effortlessly make a professional makeup as the models from the shows.

Game with bright colors and different effects is a real passion Peter Philips, creative Director of Dior makeup. Juicy, granite-colored hands, blue and blue lipstick, yellow eye shadow — it is a riot of colors occurs at a wave of his magic brush. Along with this fashion does not go out nodoby make, create that it is sometimes more difficult at times (remember the showing of the Christian Dior fall/winter of 2018, looking at the models, it may seem that they do without makeup on my face — but no!). Now to do the no make easier collection for Dior Backstage. This line was created under the auspices of Peter.

My team must be able to work anywhere, especially in the confusion that reigns in the backstage. Therefore, the suitcase of every makeup artist needs to be stocked with multi tools, suitable for all kinds of appearance. This was my goal when I upgraded the main products in my collection, created not only for artists but also for every woman who wants to achieve professional results with an easy to use versatile products, says Peter Phillips.

Wanted: первая профессиональная (и демократичная) линия макияжа Dior

When you create a Dior Backstage makeup inspired by backstage fashion shows. The line includes favorite products of a beauty expert in the basic shades with professional formulas that allow you to vary the intensity of the color and adapt to any skin tone.

To achieve a perfectly smooth tone of the face as the models from the Dior show, useful Foundation Face and Body Foundation. It, by the way, can be used not only for face but for body. Professional makeup artists are more than ten colors in your working case, and they often mix them with each other to get the most suitable tone. That is why Philips decided to release the tool is not in 15 shades, as it does normally, and in 40 (though on sale in Russia received only 21), and only six tones: pink, olive, yellow, beige…

Wanted: первая профессиональная (и демократичная) линия макияжа Dior

Pay attention to the packaging — now it’s not heavy glass bottles, and light, plastic and transparent so you can see the color of money. The waterproof formula Foundation creates an invisible mesh, allowing the coating to stick, even under the most extreme conditions: whether you run a marathon, bathe in the sea or doing a photo shoot (the spotlight will not be a problem). Novelty is also able to cover any imperfections (and this despite quite a light texture), but that one layer will clearly be insufficient.

Wanted: первая профессиональная (и демократичная) линия макияжа Dior

To hilighting and contouring the face has become easier, Dior Backstage there is a special tip: The highlighter Glow Face Palette with mother-of-pearl particles that give the skin a natural glow, and set The Contour Palette. Apply the lightest shades on the protruding point of the face, pastel pink for cheeks and bronzer on the cheekbones.

In addition, the collection includes a versatile palette of shadows Eye Palette in warm and cool colors. In addition to these, there is a primer with a creamy texture that enhances the durability of makeup and enhances the brightness of the shade.

Back in the Dior Backstage are two palettes for the brows Brow Palette, consisting of a fixing wax and two shades of eye shadow for light and dark eyebrow. Not without the palette for the lips Lip Palette that you can use for daytime makeup and for the evening. It includes a few shades of gloss with volume effect, three shades of lipstick with satin effect and three saturated matte shade that can be used as a base, gloss, contour or lipstick.

This collection includes 14 brushes: seven for shadow and seven for applying Foundation, including the brush number 11, indispensable for a Foundation with light coverage.

Wanted: первая профессиональная (и демократичная) линия макияжа Dior

Backstage Line already tested Bella Hadid, Ruth bell, Chu Wong, Manuela Sanchez, and even Meghan Markle (on the wedding image of the Duchess worked as a makeup artist and Dior Ambassador Daniel Martin). The cost of Foundation — 2800 rubles, and professional makeup palettes for eyes, lips and eyebrows — from 2600 to 3500 rubles.