Wanted: "шоколадная" коллекция макияжа Shu Uemura и La Maison du Chocolat

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — Christmas collection, Shu Uemura, created in collaboration with the French network of chocolate shops, La Maison du Chocolat. In the “gourmet” line includes lipsticks and shadows with the scent of chocolate, the signature Curling of the eyelashes, the legendary cleansing oil, and case for cosmetics.

Of course, beauty collaborations lately, no surprise. And certainly you have not one palette eye shadow and lipstick, but what about tools that smell as delicious as chocolate?

The launch of a collaborative collection of makeup Shu Uemura and La Maison du Chocolat will officially take place on 15 November, but we are ready to tell you all the most interesting about novelties.
At La Maison du Chocolat and Shu Uemura a lot in common: we respect tradition, but don’t stop to think, to improve, to move forward. We embody true beauty, combining two worlds — the world of chocolate and the world of make-up, and although we speak different languages, we share the same values: craftsmanship and passion to create. The best chocolate and makeup — the magic combination for the holidays. The mere thought of it makes you happier, isn’t it?— sure, Uchiide, international creative Director of the brand Shu Uemura.

Before creating the collection, the Shu Uemura team at the invitation of the experts on chocolate La Maison du Chocolat arrived in Nanterre (a city near Paris), where she showed all the stages of production of chocolates.
At the end of the makeup artists chose a design from the collection Envol, where each chocolate is decorated by hand. In addition, we selected three types of cocoa from Brazil, Ghana and Grenada, said Mr. Uchida.

So what we have here for dessert. The Christmas collection has expanded from two lipsticks — the rouge unlimited supreme matte unlimited. Both with a matte finish and chocolate aroma. “Candied cranberries”, “salted caramel”, “black currant”, “raspberry sorbet”, “hazelnut cream” — read the names of the shades, and appetite wakes up.

Wanted: "шоколадная" коллекция макияжа Shu Uemura и La Maison du Chocolat

To create an unusual Christmas lip makeup will help liquid eyeliner magic metallic lip liner in two colors of dusty gold and dusty pink (to put it in the center of lips).

New palette eyeshadow ganache & praline eye palette is like a box of chocolates. It was released in two variations — “dark chocolate” and “raspberry cocktail”.

“Revive” eyebrows can help Brow Unlimited mascara in two colors: orange and purple. The creation of these shades of makeup artists have inspired the heady fruity notes of orange and blackcurrant, that often accompany chocolate.

Wanted: "шоколадная" коллекция макияжа Shu Uemura и La Maison du Chocolat

Legendary curler eyelash Curler Premium — now available in a chocolate color with a pendant in the form of a small piece of chocolate! Blush creamy dome blusher with a creamy texture reminiscent of the famous French macarons.

Powder with Shine effect shimmery powder like Golden pollen, which is decorated with chocolate. It can be used as a blush, shadow or highlighter.

The Christmas collection was also enriched cleansing oil ultime8 stamps in the new holiday bottle, mini brush set for makeup Ganache & Praliné Premium Coffret Brush Mini Brush Set and case brand for cosmetics Premium Assorted Hatbox, hat boxes reminiscent of the last century.

Wanted: "шоколадная" коллекция макияжа Shu Uemura и La Maison du Chocolat

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