Wanted: autumn-winter collection of Dark Wonder, “L’etoile”

Wanted: осенне-зимняя коллекция Dark Wonder, "Л’Этуаль"

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — autumn-winter collection of Dark Wonder from “L’etoile”, a dedicated space and virtual reality. STIK-highlighter for Straubing, marble Foundation-cushion, holographic lip gloss, lacquers glitter and the most interesting — the eyeliner with applicator similar to a pizza cutter.

Seasonal collections from “L’etoile” one better than the other. Summer Psychotropical turned incredibly bright with shimmering green and pink eye shadow, red eyeliner and colored tint to the lips. The autumn-winter line, on the contrary, can be called dark and futuristic.

Wanted: осенне-зимняя коллекция Dark Wonder, "Л’Этуаль"

To start with a collection of Dark Wonder with the proposed Foundation Aqua Marble Nude Base Spf 50. However, this cushion with a translucent coating rather than a full Foundation, as stated. Inside no conventional sponges or mesh, but only the delicate marble cream. Pimples and dark circles under the eyes, alas, he will not block (it is better to use a proofreader), but the complexion is slightly leveled. This novelty is not for lovers of total concealment, but rather for those who prefers light coverage.

As a bonus hydrating components that support the water balance, giving the face radiance and freshness (in the best Korean tradition).

Wanted: осенне-зимняя коллекция Dark Wonder, "Л’Этуаль"

The second interesting new product — eyeliner Rollerblade with a roller applicator, resembling a pizza cutter. An alternative version of the brush invented by the artist Michael Patterson, an employee of M. A. C. Then such funds appeared in the collections of Revlon and Avon. Now, this unique liner for eyes there are of “L’etoile”. New good at least on two parameters.

Wanted: осенне-зимняя коллекция Dark Wonder, "Л’Этуаль"

First, the revolving disc draws a perfect straight line, and secondly, due to the strong formula of the arrow do not lose the clarity and brightness throughout the day. Rollerblade is available in several colors: “black magic”, “electric” and “wine potion.”

Network stick for Straubing Glow Bomb a Russian buchalik has called the affordable alternative to stick Fenty Beauty Confetti. It can be safely applied on the lips and on the cheekbones and on the eyelids. Creamy texture with fine shimmer on the skin creates a delicate shiny finish, but if you overdo it, a greasy film can not be avoided. In the palette with just two shades, but no: “neon light” and “light candles”.

Sure and holographic glitter Dark Wonder, and pencils for lips Stellar Lights will find their admirers. They can be applied in a single layer to achieve a light translucent cover, or two for a more intense effect. Particularly nice shade of “Northern lights”.

Wanted: осенне-зимняя коллекция Dark Wonder, "Л’Этуаль"

Nail Polish Nail Polish with fine glitter in the same appropriate will look both day and night. The long-lasting formula to prevent chipping and allows long to enjoy the perfect manicure. In the palette — three topical connotation: “hybrid”, “rebel” and “toxic”.

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