Wanted: аромат Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme, Kilian

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — a new version of the toilet water, Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian, reminiscent of the aroma milk sweet toffee.

Kilian Hennessy needs no introduction. The heir of the legendary brand he spent his childhood, we can say, in the cellar, where his relatives for centuries, produced the brandy. This alcoholic drink has inspired the creation of their own perfume brand. Writing a thesis on the semantics of scents, he began to train in the most prestigious perfume Houses, including Dior, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani.

In 2007, Hennessy launched his eponymous perfume brand Kilian and since then he has created dozens of different flavors. One of the most popular and commercially successful — Good Girl Gone Bad (“Good girl gone bad”), which this year came in an updated version. To introduce their offspring (as well as perfume and lipstick, which we already told you) the Russian public Hennessy came in person.

Wanted: аромат Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme, Kilian
Kilian Hennessy

When I’m good, I’m very very good, but when I’m bad I’m even better— told the Hollywood diva Mae West with an ironic smile, languid drawl.

The exact manner in which this actress and was inspired by Kilian when creating new items. “Girl” is still sweet (many even resembles “stewed fruit”) and hot (no wonder it is considered the most sexual scent from the entire collection). However, this version of the sensational song started a new life. The first thing you notice in the title there was a console Extreme. Changed the cocktail: the perfumer Alberto Morillas to the original sweet floral bouquet (Egyptian Jasmine, Turkish rose, Indian tuberose and orange flowers from Morocco) has added a dairy note — this candy toffee.

A clean desirable bottle in a clutch bag in art Deco style with gilded details, decorated with the serpent-tempter.

Wanted: аромат Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme, Kilian

The bottle is also changed from white to black. By the way, the bottle is a special pride of the brand. In fact, they all started. Killian wanted to return the perfume to the status of luxury items. But here’s the problem — to find a glass maker who would agree to make a relatively small batch of vials (10 000 units) was no easy task.

Wanted: аромат Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme, Kilian
In the end, at the first presentation in a Department store, “Bergdorf Goodman” in October 2007 in the corner Kilian were six flavors of 12 units each. But for some two hours the shelves with desirable bottles were empty. Sure the novelty will have the same “fate”.

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