Wanted: антиэйдж-подушка Beauty Sleep

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In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — antiage pillow Beauty Sleep, which promises to get rid of wrinkles and puffiness.

Traditionally, the last Friday before the day of the vernal equinox is world Day of sleep. We all know the truism — you need to sleep at least eight hours. However, modern beauty experts in one voice declare, that make it desirable for special cosmetic bag, which can literally turn back the clock, while we loll around in bed.
Wanted: антиэйдж-подушка Beauty Sleep

Cushion a new generation of promise to fight the signs of aging while you rest. The fact is that while sleeping on your side or stomach, the skin deforms upon contact with the pillow. As a result, with age, formed the so-called “wrinkles of sleep”, morning will be swollen and even facial wrinkles in the nasolabial area, around the eyes and lips become deeper.

To solve all these problems in one fell swoop promises pillow Beauty Sleep. Its first prototype was created by the staff of the company in the UK, and then the draft was finalized taking into account the recommendations of experts from Germany and Russia, among them — beauticians, podiatrists and sleep (experts in the field of sleep).

“So how can a pillow help?” — you will ask. The whole trick is a special anatomical form. It minimizes deformation of the skin, puffiness (I got one of those, when tightly fell asleep for half an hour and woke up with the imprint of the pillow on my cheek, in this case not relevant), cushions for the neck and forehead care about the health of the spine and help to cope with spasms of the neck muscles. This in turn has a positive effect on the complexion and acts as a headache pill.
Wanted: антиэйдж-подушка Beauty Sleep

The cushion is made from adaptive Memory Foam material that adjusts to the shape of the face and neck exposed to the temperature of the body (with the usual orthopedic pillows do not like to sleep on it really comfortable). This means that it bends, shrugs, cool as you please, and touch the pillow resembles a toy-stress “squishees” — the same soft and elastic. But don’t worry, it is necessary only to raise her head, as she almost instantly becomes the original shape.
Wanted: антиэйдж-подушка Beauty Sleep

Additionally, the composition of the added silver ions that prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses and dust mites. Sleep on it whatever you like. For example, on the side, because the top and bottom cushions are the limiters, which should rest against the forehead and chin. Note: a couple of days to get used still need.

By the way, do not be lazy and look at the manual — there’s even a diagram to make this process easier: first, you just have to lie down on it, then alternate with your regular pillow, and after that you can “meet” to lie down on her completely.

Comfortable to sleep on his back (the ideal position for the skin) is in the center of the pillow is a recess, which locks the neck and head. From the bottom on the sides of the recesses for the shoulders. In General, applying to be a couple of minutes it seems that you are in Savasana (this is asana in Hatha yoga, often used for relaxing at the end of the session).

Beauty Sleep at first may seem high to those who previously slept on a very thin pillow (or without it at all), and the neck is arched unnaturally. Even though it is wrong, but still a habit. Adjusting to a new pillow, on average, can take up to 10 days.

Sleep with the proper neck position on the cushion of the desired height will benefit the outflow of fluid, blood and the colour of the face in the morning. The manufacturer also says that its height corresponds to the European size S among anatomical pillows, according to statistics, this size fits 85% of women (sizes M and L, as a rule, buying men).

One pillow costs 8 200 RUB. and is sold complete with pillow case from tencel (100% eucalyptus fibre). This fabric has antibacterial properties and is suitable for sensitive skin. However, the range of the brand and pillowcases made of natural silk. And remember that smooth silk reduces friction, thus saving hair from breakage.

Wanted: антиэйдж-подушка Beauty Sleep

Silk is composed of strings of amino acids with the same pH as our skin. They contain sericin, a protein that reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions and thus can be useful for owners of sensitive skin or those who suffer from skin diseases such as rosacea and eczema.

Silk pillowcases are a bit more expensive than the pillowcase is made of synthetic fabrics, but they are surprisingly durable (five years for sure will last) and machine washable (at temperatures above 30 °C). Price seem justified investment.

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