Wanted: "исчезающие" патчи для очищения лица, Artis

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — “disappearing” patches American brand Artis. Due to the dissolving of the nanofibers and the special composition of the traditional three step process of cleansing with oil, foam and gentle scrub becomes one of effective beauty ritual.

Artis is an American brand specializing in the creation of makeup brushes, which are available in different formats and sizes for convenient application of cosmetics. First time seeing brush marks, which resembled a toothbrush, many were intrigued. Sure, such feelings will visit you again when meeting with the “disappearing” patch Phantom Cleansing Silks.

Wanted: "исчезающие" патчи для очищения лица, Artis

One title debut godovogo brand product is enough to intrigue any buthole. According to the creators of the new, the trick in dissolving the nanofibers that provide a comprehensive cleansing of the skin without complex care. One such pad includes the use of oil, foam and gentle exfoliating agent.

Technology of nanofibers was innovative in the medical community. The patch dissolves quickly upon contact with water and extremely delicately removes all impurities. By itself, the material from which it is made, is so gentle that it can be used as dressing material and in operations on the cornea of the eye. Fiber is ideal for skin care, said Jeremy Adelman, the founder and managing partner of Artis.

Wanted: "исчезающие" патчи для очищения лица, Artis

How do they work? First you need to remove an oval piece of silk and the mesh (they are attached to each other and wrapped in foil), then put the patch on the face silk side, remove the mesh, leave it for a minute, and then uniformly spray water (thermal or any moisturizing mist) and circular movements massage the skin. Magic will happen before your eyes — the patch will turn into foam. It only remains to wash. Skin feels a bit oily, but soft and without even a hint of a feeling of tightness arising from the use of the usual cleaning agents.
Wanted: "исчезающие" патчи для очищения лица, Artis

The trademark experts explain that this format allows you to more effectively clean the skin and the effective ingredients penetrate deep into skin (jojoba oil and vitamin E).

One caveat — as cleansing patches include gentle exfoliant of microcrystalline cellulose, for the removal of eye make-up they should not be used.

Order novelty on the official website of the brand, a set of eight sachets will cost you $ 55.

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