Wanted: коллекция макияжа глаз и бровей #EyeLoveColor, Shu Uemura

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — mascara, liquid eyeliner and pencils for creative eye makeup and eyebrows.

In 2015 at fashion Week in NYC makeup artists who worked on the shows of Badgley Mischka, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Wijnants and Edeline Lee, a slight movement of the brush painted eyebrows of models in different shades — from turquoise to orange. Now the fashion for colored eyebrows and eyelashes is experiencing a rebirth. Only this season, according to international creative Director of Japanese brand Shu Uemura Cacuaco Uchiide, the main focus is on the color applied in several layers. So a new collection he decided to dedicate it to the eye makeup and eyebrows.

Wanted: коллекция макияжа глаз и бровей #EyeLoveColor, Shu Uemura

Want to do the makeup with bright accent? Help mascara Brow Unlimited. Thanks to the small curved brush means it is convenient to apply on eyebrows and eyelashes. Short bristles to help tightly, apply color, and long good parts.

In the range of six juicy shades: powder pink, sensual purple, sky blue, orange, bold yellow and green. This “companion” and I want to bring to a beach party — it is smudge proof and with firmness will withstand the test of heat and water.

Wanted: коллекция макияжа глаз и бровей #EyeLoveColor, Shu Uemura

The eyebrow pencil Hard Formula is a source of pride for the brand. They are wildly popular for more than 25 years. Thanks to the patented sharpening in the form of a Japanese sword naginata pencil perfectly paints individual hairs. For one thing — he’s pretty tough, but mechanical Brow pencil:sword a little softer in texture.

This season’s color palette has become even wider: here is a classic shades (deep black, thick brown, beige, walnut, warm taupe, pastel beige), and unusual colors (smoky-pink, wine, Indigo, brick-orange, grey-green and maroon).

Wanted: коллекция макияжа глаз и бровей #EyeLoveColor, Shu Uemura

To paint a vivid cat’s hands, as in the Fendi show, is now possible without stencil, only using liquid eyeliner-a felt tip pen with a fine tip Waterpaint:Ink. To create expert Shu Uemura was inspired by Japanese watercolors, and hence of colors, including classic black, berry red, natural brown, fresh pink, Indigo, honey, orange, deep purple and blue.

Wanted: коллекция макияжа глаз и бровей #EyeLoveColor, Shu Uemura

Well, what’s the collection for eye makeup without shadows! Be prepared for the fact that they are intensely pigmented (mark in the best tradition of Japanese manufacturers recommends that you apply with your finger rather than a brush). Shadows are not dust and do not crumble due to the unusual texture, consisting of fine particles of mica.

Cacuaco Uchiide offers to confess his love to color and Express your personality with three images — a playful look, bold harmony, and a new naturalness.

Wanted: коллекция макияжа глаз и бровей #EyeLoveColor, Shu Uemura

The first involves the application of orange and rich purple shadows. In the second way, the emphasis is on the eyebrows with the help of pink mascara. If all of this is the variety of colors reminds you more about divas of the 80s, then you probably will like the “wearable” makeup of the presented is a combination of orange and yellow with the classic neutral shades.

Indicative prices

Mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes Brow Unlimited — 2 300 rubles.

Eyebrow pencil Hard Formula — 1 990 rubles.

Mechanical pencil for the brows Brow:sword — 2 850 rubles.

Liquid eyeliner, eye contour Waterpaint:Ink — 2 350 rubles.