Wallpaper with inscriptions and letters in the interior

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

The inscriptions and letters in the design of the interior is a rather popular stylistic direction in recent years. In stores you can even find ceramic tiles, textiles and furniture with similar images. But the widest range, of course, in such material, as Wallpaper. Wallpaper with inscriptions and letters will be in any more or less traversed the interior of the store. The design of such Wallpapers is very diverse, which gives the ability to choose the best variation, given the stylistic direction of the interior.

Wallpaper with letters and inscriptions: selection by stylistic direction

Contrary to popular stereotype, Wallpapers with text fit not only in ultra-modern interiors. The massive use of letters in the decorative and applied art was seen back in the mid-twentieth century. And continued in this direction referred to as “letterism”.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

In other words, the decoration labels are not new. In this respect, such a text well enough in the interiors, decorated in a retro style: in areas such as Art Deco, Shabby Chic, Provence. Very authentic French here calligraphic letters. A good solution would be Wallpaper with imitation of the aged paper and faded in some places rows.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьереWallpaper with inscriptions that fall in the loft

Inscriptions are found not only clear, hard and sloppy. Sometimes they have a light and airy shape. Wallpaper with a similar print will go well together in a sophisticated bedroom with the glamorous atmosphere.

Large and expressive print letters, make words and sentences urban focus, good in rough interiors — for example, in the style of industrial or loft.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

Labels without unnecessary frills is usually used for minimalist interior. Wallpaper with the text selected, typically, two tone, soft, what best captures the essence of classic minimalism.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьереWallpaper with label directions vintage

Delicate fonts will fit perfectly into the interior decorated in the historical direction (classicism).

Huge and beautiful the labels, preferably colored or coated on bright background will be a great decor in a child’s bedroom. Similar Wallpapers in the area of the baby is not only a decoration but also a tool for development.

For kitchen or dining area, there are Wallpaper with the phrase “tasty” theme.

Veneer with imitation of the Newspapers suitable for both ultra-modern and retro style.

In the modern interior look of any tapestries with inscriptions and letters. The main is that they fit the styling and the palette.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

That is, except the Wallpaper panels on the wall

If You can’t find in stores Wallpaper with the required type, you can pick up a stencil or to make phrases from the letters on their own, taken from different fonts. Then we need to arrange them in the desired sequence. To make your own design and to draw a sketch, you do not need to be a Photoshop expert. Another item — payment for printing of wall murals according to your sketch. A similar service can be found at the place of residence or in the network.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

There are other opportunities. So, it is possible to hang on the wall plain Wallpaper, and then paint their own hands with use of a thin brush and special paints. First we need to take a construction level and a pencil to contour (at the end of drying, the paint must carefully erase eraser). Will not hurt the creation of a pre-made outline of the letters with a pencil. If the result you like, you can start drawing.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

How to apply Wallpaper with letters and text in the interior

Wallpaper with inscriptions in the interior is a decor, first of all, dominant. It is unlikely that You will use it to decorate all the walls in the apartment. The only exception may be the children’s room, but even here caution is necessary. The bottom line is that the letters and labels are quite accent, is a dynamic ornament. Too much can make the interior too much energy and dynamism. And from a large number of letters and words in the eyes will start to flicker.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

It is preferable to focus on similar to Wallpaper only one wall in the room — for example, near which in the future will include a sleeping space or working space. If the text is not much vivid and not too active, you can use it in the decor of the TV zone.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

Wallpaper with big text it is possible to successfully allocate a small area — for example, niches, passages, etc. single color wall you can decorate Wallpaper with letters and inscriptions in the form of panels, strips, frieze. This decision will add diversity and give the room a dynamism of movement.

Обои с надписями и буквами в интерьере

Similar Wallpapers used for furniture design. They decorate the back surface of the open cabinets.

What are the patterns and pictures are well combined letters and signs? Quite advantageous — with Botanical motifs and stripes perpendicularly to the letters and print birds and city architecture.

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